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Google to use Reddit to train AI models in $60M deal

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-03

We are all well aware of how AI is taking the world by storm! Creating an AI model is not that difficult; you just need professional programmers to use some codes, and it’s ready.

However, the challenging part is when it’s time to train the AI model! For this, you need data to feed its algorithm so that it can produce accurate results. And you can’t just add any data to the database; it must be from a reliable and information-rich resource.

That’s why Google, Reddit enter $60M per year AI deal!

So, what is this all about? Read on to find out!

But first, let us give you a brief overview of Google and Reddit.

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Google and Reddit are not new names; everyone knows about them!

Google, the world-renowned search engine with 6.3 million searches per minute, is not just limited to being a search engine. It offers several other features, including Gmail, which has an upward of 1.8 billion active users worldwide, and its very own web browser, Chrome, which has a 64.73% global market share.

This makes it the most used web service on Earth!

On the other hand, Reddit is a social news, content rating, and forum website where users, or shall we say Redditors, from all over the world come together to talk about their specific interests or topics.

It ranks as the 9th most visited website in the world, with a traffic of 7.57 billion users, according to Semrush.

Part 2: The Between Google and Reddit

Even though Google, Reddit enter $60M per year AI deal on 22nd February 2024, things haven’t been like this in the past.

Just a few months back, Reddit threatened to restrict access to its content for search engines like Google and Bing. This would significantly impact the discoverability of Reddit posts as they won’t appear in the search results.

There was even news circulating that Reddit would now require users to log in to view its content; however, it was quickly ruled out by a Reddit spokesperson.

But, due to Google scraping Reddit’s content for training their AI model, Gemini (previously Bard), Reddit stood by its decision to implement measures to prevent it.

Part 3: Why Did Google, Reddit Enter $60M Per Year AI Deal?

With big players like TikTok and Facebook battling it out for ad revenue, Reddit is getting ready for its much-anticipated IPO (initial public offering), showing it's all set for financial growth and maturity.

Let’s put it this way: This Reddit artificial intelligence deal with Google is basically Reddit saying, "You can't just mine our data without asking!"

It's different from a news website where you get verified information. Reddit's all about people talking about whatever they want, from sports to movies to anything that is trending. The content is all over the place, and some contributors might not be okay with their stuff being used to train AI.

But here's the interesting part: with this deal, Reddit is allowing Google to use the content, but under its own terms. Google has to play by Reddit's rules, which are a bit different from other social media platforms.

Unlike some other sites where your stuff might still be lurking around somewhere even if you delete it, Reddit actually gets rid of your posts and other content completely. So, Google has to follow suit and respect the choices users make on Reddit. So, no creepy leftovers are allowed!

But that’s just one part of the deal. According to resources, this arrangement will also let Reddit use Google's AI models to enhance its site search and other features.

Part 4: What’s In It for Google?

Google needs a lot of information to improve its AI tool, Gemini. They say Gemini is already as good as, or even better than, Microsoft's AI tool, ChatGPT, in some ways. So, Google wants to give Gemini even more information to improve it.

You see, this whole AI thing is like a race. Google invented the first building blocks for AI tools, but then Microsoft took the lead by investing in a company called OpenAI and releasing their AI tool, ChatGPT, for everyone to use. Now, Microsoft is putting AI in all their products, and everyone is talking about them!

Google doesn't want to fall behind, so they're trying to catch up and find ways to be better than Microsoft. This deal with Reddit is one way they're hoping to do that.

And it could actually be good for Google's AI because it gets to learn from all Reddit's diverse, community-driven discussions and real-life conversations. It's like getting a direct insight into the current trends and what people are into, which is different from just using news articles.

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Bottom Line

AI is present everywhere in the form of AI assistants, chatbots, AI-powered tools, etc. With the recent news that Google, Reddit enter $60M per year AI deal, you can expect an even better and enhanced AI experience.

Google’s Gemini will now give you information using the real-life experiences of users from Reddit’s extensive database. So, are you ready to get detailed information without opening thousands of websites? With the Google AI search Reddit deal, it is now possible!