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[Recommended] 5 Best AI Homework Tools in 2023

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-26

Doing homework can be challenging for students of all ages. Whether it's writing essays, solving math problems, or researching topics, having the right tools can make the process easier and help students produce higher-quality work.

That's where AI-powered homework assistants come in. In recent years, advanced AI technologies have been developed into homework helper tools that can provide customized aid for students' assignments.

In this article, we'll highlight 5 of the top AI homework tools available in 2023 that can help students overcome difficulties, check their work, and solve problems when doing homework. These innovative AI assistants are changing how students get homework done.

Part 1. Can I Use AI Tools for My Homework?

The short answer is yes, AI tools can be used to assist with homework assignments. However, it is important to use them as aids to your own independent thinking and learning process.

AI homework helpers like essay writers, math problem solvers, and plagiarism checkers can provide helpful support when you get stuck or need your work reviewed. But the goal should be to gain a deeper understanding of the material yourself.

Set boundaries with AI tools to avoid overreliance. You still need to comprehend concepts, think critically, and digest the knowledge in your own words.

Part 2. What Is the Best AI for Homework Help?

Now that we've covered how AI tools can appropriately assist with homework assignments, it's time to look at some of the top options available. In this section, we will introduce 5 of the best AI homework helpers on the market in 2023.

From writing essay drafts to solving math problems to catching unoriginal content, these best AI tools for homework can support students of all ages with different homework needs.

1 Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool

Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool is an intelligent assistant that can help summarize and comprehend PDF content for homework and studying. One of its key features is the ability to automatically generate concise summaries of uploaded PDF documents like notes, research papers, and articles. It scans the full text and pulls out key points, perfect for quick review.

Another useful capability is its question-answering function. After processing a PDF file, you can ask specific questions about the content and receive accurate answers quickly, helping you check comprehension. This works for querying the whole document or just sections like tables and charts. It is a great AI homework tool for students.

Here are the key features of Tenorshare AI - AI homework tool:

  • Automatically generates summaries of uploaded PDF documents like notes, papers, and articles
  • Allows asking questions about the PDF content and receives accurate answers
  • Supports querying the entire document or specific sections like tables and charts
  • Can upload up to 4 PDF documents at once for summarizing and questioning
  • Handles PDFs in multiple languages, with dialog also in multiple languages
  • Current interface is English only, but processes other languages behind the scenes
  • Focused on PDF files - does not support scanned PDF or other formats

Tenorshare AI PDF Tool

  • Summarize the various types of large PDF docume
  • Chat with the PDF to get key information accurately
  • Supports simultaneous uploading of multiple documents

Let’s see to use Tenorshare AI tool to summarize text in three simple steps:

Step 1. Upload your PDF file.

ai homework tool

Step 2. Log in to your account. If you haven't signed up before, click "Sign up now" to create an account first.

ai homework helper

Step 3. Start a chat and ask any questions about the your PDF document.

ai homework tool for students
best ai tools for homework

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that excels at explaining concepts and answering homework questions. Its conversational format makes it easy to ask for details on any academic topic. However, ChatGPT can sometimes generate incorrect or biased information that requires fact-checking. Still, it can be one of the good AI tools for student.

ai homework helper


  • Can generate incorrect or biased information that requires fact checking
  • Limited knowledge beyond 2021 training data

3. Socratic

Socratic is an AI-powered homework helper app providing step-by-step solutions for math, science, history and more. It can solve problems by uploading an image or typing in questions. A limitation is that Socratic focuses on standardized test-type questions rather than open-ended analysis.


  • Focused on standardized test questions, not open-ended analysis
  • Solutions may not explain context or nuance

4. Google Bard

Google Bard is Google's new experimental AI chatbot aimed at natural conversations. While it has potential to assist with homework by answering questions, as a new launch Bard's capabilities are still limited compared to more established tools.

ai homework helper


  • Very limited capabilities as a new launch
  • Prone to hallucination and giving false information

5. Charley AI

Charley AI helps improve essay writing by providing relevant information to strengthen sentences. It also edits papers to fix mistakes and improve quality. However, Charley AI lacks capabilities for solving complex homework problems beyond writing assistance.

best ai tools for homework


  • Only provides writing assistance, not help for math, science, etc.
  • Risk of over-reliance on AI for essay writing
  • No guarantee essays will be completely error-free

Part 3. People Also Ask about AI Homework Tools

Q1. How can I use AI for studying?

AI tools like flashcard apps, smart tutors, and study bots can help reinforce material through spaced repetition, personalized quizzes, and offering explanations when you get stuck. Use them to supplement your learning, not replace it.

Q2. Is AI Tools good for homework?

AI homework assistants can be useful for generating ideas, checking work, fixing grammar, and answering questions. But avoid overreliance on AI to help with homework, as they lack human nuance. Use AI tools as a backup, not your primary homework resource.

Final Word

The emergence of AI-powered homework assistants provides students with useful tools to reinforce learning and overcome academic challenges. While advanced chatbots, problem solvers, and writing aids can provide helpful support, human guidance, comprehension, and critical thinking skills remain essential.

It is highly recommended to use Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool as supplements to power up your existing homework process, not shortcuts around deep learning. Approach them for assistance when you’re stuck, but take an active role in understanding concepts yourself.