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11 Best Free AI Online Summarizer in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-01-31

The large PDFs contain overloaded information that is hard to grasp at once for an average person and consumes much time to understand and summarize. Using some AI-powered summarizer to deal with such documents is always best.

The AI-powered summarizers are the tools that read your document and generate instant summaries automatically. PDF summarizer AI online can help you increase productivity, get comprehensive summaries quickly, and efficiently enhance your research.

That being said, let's look at the best PDF summarizers AI online.

Part 1: How To Summarize PDF With AI Online?

Tenorshare AI PDF is the best PDF summary generator free that helps you skim through your PDFs quickly. Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient to use. Using this amazing tool, you can chat with the PDF and ask any questions related to the uploaded PDF file.

  • Q&A support: Ask specific questions about the PDF, and the AI will answer them based on its understanding of the content. This is helpful for finding specific information or clarifying confusing passages.
  • Keyphrase identification: Automatically identify the most important keywords and phrases in the PDF, helping you grasp the document's core themes and concepts.
  • Translation: Translate PDF files from one language to another, facilitating comprehension if you're not familiar with the original language.
  • Automatic summarization: Get a concise overview of the PDF's main ideas without delving into every detail. This is great for quickly understanding complex documents or refreshing your memory on content you've already read.
  • Go to Tenorshare AI PDF and upload your file.

    go to official website
  • Enter your username and password or create a new account.

    enter user name and password
  • Now, ask questions about your PDF.

    ask questions with pdf summarizer ai online

This tool will generate the summary of the content automatically within a second.

Part 2: 10 Best PDF Summarizer AI Online:

The following are the 10 best and free PDF summarizers online:


UPDF is one of the best PDF summarizer tools that allows you to summarize PDFs plus Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other files. It uses OCR technology to extract contents from the scanned PDFs or images.

Free pdf summarizer

You can translate the document into any language by using this incredible tool. It also provides you with the feature to rewrite or create SEO-optimized content. Moreover, it allows you to ask questions relating to the uploaded PDF and get answers to your questions without error.

The only downside of UPDF is that some of its features are unavailable on Windows or Android. It feels. Also, you cannot translate the whole document at once. Also, it is a bit complex for a non-tech person to use.

2. Quillbot

Quillbotis an online PDF summarizer tool where you can upload the PDF file and choose the summary size. This tool scans the PDF, extracts the critical information from the document, and presents it in bulleted form.


The best thing we observed in this tool is that it allows you to switch the summarized content from a bulleted list to paragraph form. Also, it helps you optimize your content for a certain keyword.

With all the amazing features, this tool has a word limit of 600-1200 words for its free version, and its paid version costs you $19.95 a month, which is quite costly.

3. Paraphrasingtool.AI

Paraphrasingtool.AI DF summarizer consists of two modes, i.e., original words summary and AI summary.

For its original words summary, you can use this tool free of cost without any limitations, but the summarized content seems difficult to read.

On the other hand, AI Summary mode works very well, and you can get it for $15 per month. You can also extract the content using this mode directly through the URL.

Best pdf summarizer ai online

What we dislike about this tool is that it has many ads on the website. Moreover, you cannot import files directly into this tool to summarize the content, meaning you must copy and paste the content from the PDF manually.

4. PDFgear Chatbot

PDFgear as added an AI Chatbot feature in its Desktop application that has proved to be the best PDF summarizer. You can simplify your large PDF documents into simple sentences and extract useful information.


Powered by GPT 3.5, it uses ChatGPT to read the document and generate the suggested questions. After importing the PDF, you can ask questions using the prompts.

Although PDFgear is an incredible tool for dealing with PDFs, it has limitations such as limited file size, pages, and sections, even in the paid version. Also, it does not generate accurate answers for a document beyond 10 pages.

5. Intellippt

Intellippt can help you summarize large PDFs into small useful text. This free AI PDF summarizer uses advanced algorithms to summarize text with greater understanding and readability. Using this tool, you can upload documents in PDF, Word, or Doc format and easily comprehend them.


Its free version has a limit of 3000 characters per summary, and you can upload only 1MB of files.

The drawback of using Intellippt is that it does not consider the sense of the sentences during summarization. Also, it requires you to sign up for using the AI mode.

6. Scholarcy

Scholarly is another free PDF summarizer that can sum up your large text documents within seconds. You can use this tool with the uploaded documents, open-access URLs, plain text or the DOIs.


The best thing about Scholarcy is that it can generate links to the cited content in your document with its flashcard generator. These links can help you get more information.

With all the above capabilities, Scholarcy can still generate inaccurate points in the summary. Also, you cannot import a PDF document into it.

7. Summary Box

Summary Box is an online Al PDF summarizer with three levels to adjust the summarised content's length, i.e., shorter, middle, and longer. This summarizer can work with text, URL, PDF, Audio, and YouTube. It also has a Chrome extension to be used with websites. Moreover, it lets you choose whether to summarize all or specific pages.

 summary box

The bad thing about this summarizer is that its free version allows you to upload a maximum of 10 MB file and only summarizes the first 40 pages.

8. My Assignment Help

This PDF summarizer, as its name depicts, is very helpful for students who have to deal with large PDFs and articles to complete their assignments. My Assignment Help helps them search articles, research papers, and other reference material online. It collects the information from your uploaded documents and generates short summaries. You can adjust the size of the summaries as per your requirements.

Best pdf summarizer

As per our experience, it sometimes fails to generate sensible content and has a limit of 1000 characters per summary.

9. GetDigest

GetDigest is another comprehensive PDF summarizer AI online tool that can easily transform huge documents into short summaries. You can easily adjust the summary size to comprehend the lengthy document most efficiently. After summarizing, this tool generates a TXT file. Along with the uploaded documents, this tool also allows you to enter the public URLs for the PDFs.


Along with all the plus points, GetDigest has some put-offs, such as no summary tone or type adjustment and a file size limitation of 5 MBs.


ChatPDF is an exceptionally popular free PDF summarizer that quickly apprehends long text documents with AI's help. Accessible on a computer, mobile device, or any other device with a browser, it has greater accessibility and ease of use than other tools.


Undoubtedly, ChatPDF is the best PDF summary generator free except that it limits the prompts you can use.

Part 3: Tips For Choosing The Right AI PDF Summarizer

While choosing the AI PDF Summarizer, consider the following factors:

  • Accuracy: How well does the summarizer capture the key points of the document? Look for reviews and comparisons to get an idea of how accurate different tools are.
  • Ease of use: Is the tool easy to upload documents and generate summaries? Consider the interface and how user-friendly it is.
  • Security: If you're dealing with sensitive documents, make sure the tool has strong security features to protect your data.

Wrap Up

Manually summarizing the documents is a very time-consuming process. To simplify this task, you can use the best PDF summarizer tools that summarize the content without errors. We have introduced the 10 best online PDF summarizer tools in this article. Tenorshare AI PDF is the best yet most recommended of all.