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Best Alternative to Google Drive OCR You Should Try in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-01

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and it is an essential find to extract the text from images. Google Drive is one of the platforms to offer OCR features, but there are other unique and AI-driven platforms to fulfill the demand and user requirements.

People usually demand a tool with diverse features, such as multiple language support and accurate text extraction. There are multiple tools in the competition, but we will let you know the complete and best alternative to Google Drive OCR. By following the article, you will enhance the accuracy of the text extraction and be able to present professionally in a meeting or share it with someone.

Part 1: What is Google Drive OCR

Google Drive OCR is a creative module that helps users convert JPG, PNG, JPEG, and other image formats into text. It offers the users a cloud storage where they can upload images or documents to make them editable. The users upload images and get the exact text with its automatic text extraction feature.

Adobe Acrobat will not allow you to copy or edit the content of PDF in the free version, but you can make it possible with the Google Drive OCR feature. You can synchronize the files from your Google account directly and get the text.

Overall, Google Drive OCR simplifies the task of making documents or images editable. It also enhances accessibility and helps users digitize documents easily.

We will let you know the best alternative to Google Drive OCR, which offers incredible features to make it more professional and convenient.

Part 2: Limitations of Google Drive OCR

Google Drive OCR is free to use, but it has certain limitations that can restrict you from getting the advantages. The limitations sometimes irritate a person trying frequently to achieve the desired results. But you don't need to worry because we will cover the best alternative to Google Drive OCR in the next part to manage the documents without any limitations.

Let's discuss some of the limitations of Google Drive OCR and determine why people are moving towards the alternatives.

File Size Limit: The Google Drive OCR can only support a file size of less than 2MB. If you try uploading a larger file, it will reject it. The process of uploading also takes longer than usual.

Image Quality: If you have a slightly blurry or unclear picture, Google Drive OCR will not give accurate results. The results depend heavily on the picture's quality, so you are bound only to provide a high-quality scanned image or PDF.

Handwritten Image: Having a handwritten scanned image is so hectic that Google Drive OCR will struggle to read its characters. However, it can generate the result but can't be accurate according to what you have desired.

Poor Language Support: Many people have reported that Google Drive OCR fails to read non-Latin and some commonly spoken languages. The users were disappointed when it didn't accurately extract the words in an image or PDF.

Privacy Issues: Uploading private and sensitive documents might be unsafe because your files are saved on Google servers. There is no guarantee that your data may be sold to another company or misplaced by anyone.

Text Recognition Inaccuracy: During the extraction, Google Drive OCR may leave some words or letters that can't recognize any language or character. Sometimes, it struggles to get the unique symbols and fails to provide the exact one.

Limited Uploading: Google Drive OCR doesn't allow you to upload multiple files simultaneously. In contrast, other new AI-driven tools can accept even four files at a time.

Part 3: Best Alternative to Google Drive OCR-Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool

Tenorshare Ai is the best alternative to Google Drive OCR because of its high-end features that are hard for any other tool to offer on one platform. It is a well-organized and highly accurate chat PDF with a complete package to fulfill your demands. It is built beyond Google Drive OCR capabilities because it allows you to summarize the PDF by extracting the main key points.

You can use the AI assistance to ask questions and get valuable answers quickly. It helps you improve your PDF mistakes and enhances your learning capability by giving immediate solutions. It is mainly used by students and business individuals who want to edit their PDFs and extract the summary to save time.

It has a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to make it a user-friendly and straightforward tool. You don't need to download any application because it has a website where you can directly upload the concerned documents. It allows you to upload up to 4 files simultaneously to compare or take a quick summary of them individually. There is no restriction to use it, but you have to subscribe to the pro version to edit the PDF, although you have multiple utilities in the free version.

Let's understand its interface and the steps to upload the file.

Step 1: Open the Web browser from your PC and go to Tenorshare AI's official webpage. Click on the dialogue box in the center and select the PDF file you want to upload. You can also drag and drop the file directly from your desktop.

Step 2: It will ask you to log in to your account to continue. Enter the account credentials if you have made it previously, or click Sign Up to create a new account. Hit Login after entering the email and password.

Step 3: It will instantly upload your PDF and take you to a new window. From here you can ask questions from the AI assistant panel at the right and add more files in the browser to summarize.


Google Drive offers a suitable OCR feature, but it is inefficient for large files. People need an advanced and best alternative to Google Drive OCR, which can provide smooth text extraction without restriction. For better features and no restrictions, you can use Tenorshare AI. It offers accurate results, AI assistance, multiple document uploads, and a lot more.

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