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What Is Humane Al PIN? It’s Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons and Much More

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-27

Gadgets are getting smarter due to AI, learning from how people use them to give a more personalized and helpful experience. That’s why companies integrating AI into their wearable gadgets aim to offer unique experiences by understanding what users do and like.

Lately, you might have heard about Humane AI Pin, a wearable gadget that’s getting a lot of attention in the tech world. If you’re curious to learn what is Humane AI PIN, we’ve gathered insights from real users who’ve tried the AI PIN to write this review.

We will share the AI PIN’s features, positive points, drawbacks, and pricing. Besides, we’ll even introduce you to an alternative option. So, keep scrolling to read our Humane AI pin review!

What Is the Humane Phone PIN?

The Humane AI Pin is like a smart device you wear by clipping it to your shirt. It is a small gadget, about size of four quarters, and is not heavy at all at 55 grams. The Humane AI PIN founder is Imran Chaudhri, a former iPhone user interface designer, and his wife Bethany Bongiorno who gave form to idea of wearable AI.

The husband and wife duo wanted to create a gadget that helps people spend more time enjoying the present moment and less time glued to their devices. That’s why Humane AI PIN doesn’t have a screen like a regular phone with apps. Instead, it uses AI and a special system called CosmOS to perform tasks for you.

Moreover, the AI PIN only uses its own SIM card and not your regular phone number. You can attach it to your lapel via magnets, hold it, or talk to it while it’s charging. But it’s designed to work best when you hold it in your hand because its microphones, camera, and speakers are positioned for optimal performance from that angle.

Humane AI PIN: What Does It Do?

So, what can Humane AI Pin do? The pin doesn’t have buttons, just a touchpad on the front, and is not voice-activated. You tap and hold it to talk to it. One tap is for talking, hold two fingers for translation, double-tap two fingers for photos, and double-tap and hold one finger to record videos.

When you tap it and hold your hand out, it projects a blue display onto your palm using lasers. The laser shows menus and text on your hand. You can interact with it by tilting and pinching your hand. It understands 50 languages and can translate speech from another language into English.

The AI PIN also has a camera that can analyze what it sees and describe it to you, like identifying objects or describing a room. It can take photos or short videos, which you can preview in blue monochrome. You can also connect it to your contacts and sync it with services like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, but it only works with Tidal for music.


  • The Humane AI PIN price is $700 and it needs an internet connection for $24.95/per month.


According to users’ feedback about Humane AI PIN on Reddit, this wearable has more drawbacks than pros for the time being. Here are some of the difficulties you may face while wearing it:

  • The AI Pin overheats often when using laser display for a while and needs breaks.
  • It takes a few seconds for responses because most of AI is off-device.
  • The projected text moves around and is a bit harder to read compared to a smartphone.
  • The camera quality is okay, but not fantastic. It’s also hard to predict photo quality without a screen.
  • Videos can only be short snippets.
  • Sometimes it takes a few tries to get display to appear and hand angle can affect display. It can also feel awkward to inch your hand to select numbers.
  • Unlocking AI Pin with a passcode is bothersome.
  • The AI Pin is noticeable and can attract attention.
  • Accidentally triggering the AI Pin is common.

What Is the Alternative to Humane AI PIN?

As an alternative to Humane AI PIN, Rabbit R1 is a great choice. It’s a square device, co-created by Teenage Engineering and Rabbit, with a bright orange color. The Rabbit R1 has a 2.88-inch color display, an 8-megapixel camera that can face both ways, and a scroll wheel. Here’s why it’s a great alternative to Humane AI PIN:

  • Price - It’s cheaper at $199 compared to the $700 Humane AI Pin.
  • Subscription - No monthly fees, just pay for your own cellular service or use Wi-Fi.
  • Screen - It has a built-in screen, making it easier to use. You can scroll and confirm choices using wheel and buttons.
  • Keyboard - There’s an on-screen keyboard for typing, useful for Wi-Fi passwords.
  • USB-C Port - You can connect wired keyboards to it.
  • Case - The plastic case doubles as a kickstand for Rabbit R1.


Q1: Is Humane’s AI Pin a $700 smartphone?

The Humane AI Pin costs $700, but it’s not a smartphone. It’s a wearable device meant to be your helper and memory aid. You can use it to call, text, find information, take pictures, jot down notes, and organize your digital life.

Q2: Is Humane AI Pin successful?

Not for the time being. The first reviews of the Humane AI Pin have mostly been bad. People say it’s slow, messes up simple tasks, imagines things that aren’t there, and it’s missing important functions.

Final Thoughts

Despite some drawbacks like slow performance and missing features, Humane AI PIN stands out for its unique approach to wearable technology. If you’re looking for an alternative, consider Rabbit R1. It’s a more affordable option with a built-in screen and useful features like an on-screen keyboard and USB-C port. While it may not have all bells and whistles of the Humane AI Pin, it’s worth considering for those seeking a more straightforward experience.

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