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Apple is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI Features

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-01

Apple has always been concerned about adding new features to its iPhone devices. But this time, it is planning to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) features that will definitely increase user experience and device capabilities. Yes, you hear it right. Apple is soon going to collaborate with Google regarding Gemini chatbot, which will bring new features to the latest iPhone devices. But what is this collaboration all about, and is Apple planning to use chatbot? If you have the same questions, continue reading this article, as we will tell you about the potential partnership between Apple and Google Gemini.

apple is in talks to let google gemini power iphoneai features intro

Part 1. Overview of Google Gemini

When it comes to AI platforms, Google Gemini is among the leading AI platforms, and it is known for its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities. According to Google, it is a multimodal tool that can perform different tasks based on code, text, audio, videos and images. This tool was released on February 8 and offers both free and paid versions.

apple is in talks to let google gemini power iphoneai features google gemini

However, to use this tool, you can visit their official website and use it the same way you use ChatGPT and other AI tools. That means you just have to input your question, and it will generate the results for you. Apart from that, Android users can also access this application from the official website.

But what about the iPhone users? They can use the application or not? Well, the good news is that if the agreement goes through, Gemini could power new AI features on iPhones expected to be released this year. Soon the iPhone users will be able to enjoy both text and image generation features in the latest iOS version.

Part 2. Apple's Previous AI Endeavors and Partnerships with Google

Apart from Google Gemini, Apple has been testing its own AI model, Ajax, since last year. According to some employees, they have been testing chatbot tools such as Apple GPT. But since the tool hasn't been showing any improvements, the partnership between Google and Apple would be considered a better option right now. Also, it would be a great option for Google as well because Apple has around 2 billion active users worldwide. That means all of them are going to use Google’s services, which will definitely increase the market value of the company.

What's more, Apple is not the only one that has planned to integrate AI into its devices. In January, Samsung Electronics Co launched new smartphones equipped with AI features powered by Gemini. Samsung S24 and Samsung S24 Ultra are devices that use Gemini technology.

Part 3. The Partnership Talks

That is not the first time Apple is using Google services. According to the sources, Google almost pays around $18 billion each year to Apple as the default search engine on iPhone devices. Both Apple and Samsung have been using Google services for many years and it won’t be wrong to say that after Samsung, Apple has also decided to use Google's AI for its latest iOS 18.

However, according to the reports, the deal has yet to be finalized, and if it doesn't come to any conclusions, then there is a chance that Apple will choose other alternatives like Open AI and Anthropic. As mentioned above, Apple is also working on its chatbot, which is still in the production phase.

Part 4. Integration of Google Gemini in iPhone AI Features

Google Gemini can enhance iPhone devices because of its advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. So, by adding Google Gemini features to iPhone devices, users can get more accurate and intelligent responses. On the other hand, Google Gemini can also improve Siri's voice recognition features, which will be best for Apple users.

apple is in talks to let google gemini power iphoneai features part

Additionally, its deep learning algorithms could improve text input features, making typing on iPhones faster and more intuitive. Overall, this AI technology will take the iPhone user experience to new heights. Do you want to know more about the Potential AI Features to be Powered by Google Gemini? Continue reading. Below, we have discussed the amazing features offered by this tool.

  • 1. Improved Voice Recognition: As mentioned above, it can improve voice recognition features in Apple's virtual assistant, enabling Siri to respond to user's commands in the right way.
  • 2. Smarter Predictive Text: On the basis of users input, Google Gemini could enhance the text, offering more suggestions while typing.
  • 3. Improved Camera Performance: Since Google Gemini uses machine learning, it can improve iPhone camera performance, enhance image quality, and enable advanced photography, including scene recognition and automated image editing.

Overall, integrating Google Gemini into iPhone AI features could open lots of powerful and wonderful options for iPhone users. Apart from the above features, users can also enjoy fast recommendations for apps, content, services and more. Moreover, Siri will be able to perform complex tasks as well, such as booking appointments and making reservations.


In conclusion, the talks between Apple and Google Gemini opened an exciting chapter for iPhone users. If realized, this partnership has the potential to improve user interactions with smartphones, offering quick responses and convenience. As the tech industry is improving day by day, the partnership between Apple and Google Gemini will bring a new era of innovation and possibilities for users worldwide. Do let us know in the comment section below what are your thoughts about this partnership?