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  • This article shares reviews of five best AI for writing research papers, including their pros, cons, and pricing.  
  • These AI tools make research easier, eliminate writer’s block, and help you write better papers faster.
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What Is the Best AI for Writing Research Papers 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-28

Looking for an AI-powered research tool in 2024? Academic writing and research play vital roles in knowledge dissemination and field advancement. Where clear, coherent, and concise writing is key to effectively communicating ideas, research adds credibility through evidence provision.

Moreover, good research entails utilizing dependable sources, critically analyzing information, and accurately citing references. With the research landscape evolving quickly, AI research assistants are enhancing efficiency and precision in tasks like literature review, data analysis, and writing support. They now make research more accessible and user-friendly, thereby improving quality of scholarly work.

In this article, we’ve shared reviews of five best AI for writing research papers, including their pros, cons, and pricing. These AI tools make research easier, eliminate writer’s block, expand vocabulary skills, and help you write better papers faster. So, keep scrolling!

Part 1: 5 Best AI for Writing Research Papers

Here’s a detailed list of top 5 AI tools for writing research papers with their pros, cons, and pricing:

1. Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool

Topping our list, Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool is a free AI for research paper writing online software that lets you chat with PDFs. It digs deep into text to extract meaning, giving you valuable insights. Moreover, it offers a straightforward reading experience and quickly summarizes documents to help you navigate them better.

Follow the instructions below to use the Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool:

How to Use Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool

Step 1: Visit the website and upload your PDF files.

tenorshare ai pdf1

Step2: Create an account and log in.

tenorshare ai pdf2

Step 3: Ask questions or request PDF summarization to analytical skills for ai and data science pdf.

tenorshare ai pdf2

Remembers your interactions with documents. Privacy and security are always a concern with AI tools but not with Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool. It uses SSL encryption and can completely delete data for privacy protection.


  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • No need for installation.
  • Free 30 questions/ day.
  • No file size limit in free plan.
  • Condenses long papers, saving time.
  • Offers clear explanations of intricate ideas.
  • Enhances research productivity.


  • Free plan comes with limitations.


  • Free Plan - 3 PDFs/ month with 30 pages/ file.
  • Pro Plan - 500 PDFs/ month with 2000 pages/ file for $4.99.

2. GrammarlyGO

Grammarly plagiarism and grammar checker also features GrammarlyGO, one of the best free AI tools for research paper writing. It helps with composing, rewriting, and responding, using your context and goals. Moreover, it assists in tasks like outlining blogs, rewriting text, brainstorming ideas, and adjusting email tones. GrammarlyGO works smoothly with Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Skype, Apple Mail, and Discord, fitting seamlessly into your workflow.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Tailor your content to your liking.
  • Integrated prompts for inspiration
  • Check grammar and plagiarism in one go.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Grammarly ecosystem.
  • Accessible on both Grammarly website and mobile app.
  • Rapid response time.
  • No extra subscription fees.
  • Free of charge.


  • Prompts can be limiting.
  • GrammarlyGO is in beta, so expect some features to be experimental.
  • Generated content could exhibit plagiarism.
  • It might generate incomplete work.
  • Subject to bias.
  • Requires a learning curve.


  • Free Plan - 100 prompts/month.
  • Premium Plan - 1000 prompts/month for $12/month (billed annually) or $30/month.
  • Business Plan - 2000 prompts/per user/month for $15.

3. HeyGPT

With ChatGPT’s popularity skyrocketing, you may ask, “Can we use ChatGPT to write research paper?” The answer is yes you can. But even better than ChatGPT is HeyGPT. It is best AI for academic writing that boosts ChatGPT’s capabilities with extra features. It lets you chat with multiple PDF files at once for better analysis.

You can convert text to speech for more interactive conversations and use speech recognition to dictate messages. With a chat search function, finding past info is also easy. Besides, you can tag chats for easy organization by topic or project.


  • Boosts ChatGPT’s capabilities.
  • Ensures swift responses, even during busy times.
  • Accessible without requiring login.
  • Offers advanced features.


  • Can be expensive for teams.
  • Answer quality might hinge on AI model accuracy and training.
  • Language limitations can impact performance.


  • Free Plan - Basic functionalities.
  • One-time Life Subscription - $36.

4. Elicit

Elicit, an AI for writing research papers helps with research and writing tasks. It summarizes academic papers rapidly, saving hours of reading. Moreover, it efficiently extracts data from papers, cutting time and costs by 50% compared to manual methods.

Elicit synthesizes info across multiple papers, providing detailed answers to research questions. This best AI for writing research papers uses advanced search engines to find relevant papers quickly and mines key info from numerous PDFs, slashing research time. Besides, you can search with semantic questions instead of keywords.


  • Locates papers unavailable elsewhere.
  • Automates systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
  • Accelerates literature review.
  • Most effective for empirical fields with experiments and tangible outcomes.
  • Facilitates learning in new domains.


  • Doesn’t answer questions or provide info not found in academic papers.
  • Less effective for facts and non-empirical domains.
  • Roughly 90% of info in Elicit is reliable.


  • Free Basic Plan - Provides 5,000 one-time credits and basic features.
  • Elicit Plus - 12,000 credits & and CSV/BIB result export/ month for $10/month or $120/year.

5. Smodin

Smodin is an AI writing assistant that helps with research and writing. It makes finding sources easy, creates logical storylines, and provides structured introductions and conclusions. It offers an AI research paper writer with references for free from Google, Google Scholar, and other selected sources.


  • Seamlessly integrates with plagiarism checker, paraphrase generator, and citation generator tools.
  • Employs advanced NLP technology for precise grammar, punctuation, and style recommendations.
  • Produces impactful and grammatically correct content.
  • Accommodates multiple languages.
  • Provides cost-effective plans with a variety of services.


  • Accuracy and reliability may vary, especially for complex or niche topics.
  • Might not capture the user’s writing voice or style.
  • May struggle with formatting or editing problems in generated text.
  • Capabilities may not match other AI tools.
  • Suitability for all marketing content types may be limited.


  • Starter Plan (Limited) - 3 writing credits & 5 entries (1000 words)/ week
  • Essentials - 100 writing credits & unlimited entries for $15/month.
  • Productive - 500 writing credits & unlimited entries for $29/month.
  • Premium Ultimate - 1500 writing credits & unlimited entries for $79/month.


Q1: Is there an AI that can write research papers?

Yeah, there are AI tools out there that can whip up research papers for you. Take Smodin, for instance. It uses advanced algorithms to write papers by sifting through tons of texts like academic journals and online articles. Just give it your topic, and Smodin’s Research Paper generator will create a polished paper for you.

Q2: What AI is best for writing papers?

Tenorshare AI-PDF Toolis the best AI for writing papers because it’s affordable, secure, and lets you chat with many PDFs at once and summarize them. So you can quickly get info from different places without spending time reading the entire PDFs. This makes it easy to put together research papers with a human touch.

Q3: Is it illegal to use AI to write articles?

It’s not illegal to use AI for writing, but there are some things to watch out for. If AI uses copyrighted material to learn and then create something too similar, that could be a problem.

The same goes for plagiarism—if it’s too close to existing content, especially in academics, it could be trouble. Some publishers have rules against using AI for content creation like Science Journals saying you can’t use AI-generated text or images without their approval.

Final Verdict

In our 2024 review of 5 best AI for writing research papers, Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool stands out as top choice. It is ideal for those looking to add a personal touch to their work. Moreover, it’s easy to use, offers thorough PDF analysis, ensures strong privacy with SSL encryption, and can summarize complex documents concisely.

With features like no file size limit and 30 free daily questions, it’s incredibly user-friendly. While competitors have their strengths, Tenorshare’s combination of detailed analysis, user-focused features, and affordability makes it a top option for boosting research productivity and insight.

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