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Top 9 Best Free AI Tools Online You Should Know 2023

Author: Andy Samue | 2023-11-18

Can you believe how much AI has changed our daily lives? It's everywhere, from our homes to our workplaces, making things faster and more accurate. It's like a magic wand for tasks like copywriting, video editing, and even programming! And after ChatGPT-4 came out, AI really took over. The market for AI is set to explode by 20 times by 2030 - that's crazy fast progress! And you might think AI tools are pricey, but actually they’re not? There are many free AI websites out there and best free AI apps that can totally change the game for you. So, read one get ready for a revolution!

1. Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool: Best Online Tool to Chat with PDF

Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool tops our list of the best AI tools for business. It is an online tool that can chat with any PDF. The tool extracts, locates and summarizes information from PDF documents quickly. It is one of the best AI Tools For Business as it can rapidly analyze financial reports, contracts, legal documents, etc. If you are struggling with lengthy documents, utilize the tool to summarize them and save plenty of time

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Apart from that, you can also ask this tool any question about the content of the PDF file. It will help you to get accurate and clear answers to your queries. It is possible to upload four files simultaneously and boost your efficiency. Here are the key features of this powerful tool:

Tenorshare AI PDF Tool

  • Summarize the various types of large PDF docume
  • Chat with the PDF to get key information accurately
  • Supports simultaneous uploading of multiple documents
  • Easily find what you need
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • AI-powered text analysis for valuable insights, for example it can rapidly analyze financial reports, contracts, legal documents, etc. for business use
  • Utilize the thread for deeper analysis
  • Keep a record of chats and history for future reference

2.ChatGPT: All-In-One AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is this cool tool made by OpenAI, and it's all about having quick and accurate human-like chats. It's so fast, it can answer your questions in no time! What's great about it? It can be used in lots of real-life situations. Businesses can use it for customer support, and students can use it to get help with their writing. It's like your smart chat buddy in the form of an AI website free!

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Key Features of ChatGPT:

1.It talks like a human, so conversations feel natural.

2.It understands what you're talking about and responds in a smart way.

3.It can even translate languages, so it's handy for talking to people from all over the world.

4.Plus, it can handle lots of conversations at once, which is awesome for businesses.

Pros of ChatGPT:

  • You can use it for free, but there's also a paid version if you want more
  • It's easy to put on websites, social media, and chat apps
  • It can speak lots of different languages.

Cons of ChatGPT:

  • It's not so great with understanding emotions
  • And it relies on the info it was trained on.

3. DALL-E 2: Best FREE AI Image Generator

Q1: Can GPT-4 read a PDF?

DALL-E 2 is a super handy tool for marketers and graphic designers. You can just describe an image or artwork, and bam! It gives you a detailed picture, even if it's something that doesn't exist in the real world. Here's how it works: it uses smart machine learning to understand all the details in images. From making custom images to cool 3D stuff, it's become a big deal in the design and photography world. And guess what? The images it makes are super high-res!

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Key Features of DALLE-2

1.It can make all sorts of images, from everyday stuff to totally wild and surreal art.

2.You describe it, and it nails all the little details in the picture.

3.It's always learning and getting better, thanks to feedback.

Pros of DALLE-2

  • It saves tons of time for artists and designers
  • It's a real inspiration booster for creative folks
  • You can get super specific with your images

Cons of DALLE-2

1.Watch out for copyright and stuff like that when you use it

4. TensorFlow: Best AI Software Library for Machine Learning

Let's talk about TensorFlow, AI writing tools free online! It's a popular ML tool. It's got a bunch of tools, resources, and libraries. One of the best things about TensorFlow is how great it is for making computer vision stuff with machine learning. Think facial recognition, figuring out what's in a picture, spotting objects – it's all there! And guess what? You can use it with different languages like Python, C, C++, Java, or JavaScript. So, no matter what you like to code in, you're covered.

For real-world projects where you need machine learning on devices, there's TensorFlow Lite. It's like a slimmed-down version that's awesome for edge devices. It's fast, efficient, and doesn't take up too much space, so you can use machine learning on all kinds of gadgets.

best free ai tools

Pros of TensorFlow

  • It's open-source, so everyone can use it
  • Works with lots of different coding languages
  • They're always adding new features and making it better
  • It's powerful and performs well

Cons of TensorFlow

  • It can be a bit of a resource hungry, meaning it needs a good chunk of your computer's power.

5. Copy AI: Best Free AI Content Generator/Copywriting Tool

Next on the list is Copy.ai. It's a versatile free AI tools online for content writing and free AI tools online like ChatGPT. It can make all kinds of different content, and it's super user-friendly. One cool thing is that you can customize the content to fit your audience. Change up the tone, style, and length to get exactly what you want. And it's crazy fast so you can get loads of content in no time.

best free ai tools online

Key Features of Copy AI

1.The Content Improver makes your writing more interesting and engaging.

2.There's a Blog Post Outline feature that helps you organize your thoughts.

3.Need some fresh ideas? The Brainstorming feature has you covered.

4.Plus, it can integrate with your favorite writing platforms.

Pros of Copy AI

  • Making content is a breeze
  • You've got lots of options to choose from
  • The quality of what it creates is top-notch
  • And there's even a free plan

Cons of Copy AI

1.No plan below 40,000 words.

6. Lumen5: Free AI Video Generator

Next in line is Lumen5. It's an awesome free AI image processing tools free online that whips up videos based on what you tell it. Seriously, you can make a video about anything you want! It scours the web for tons of videos to put together exactly what you're looking for. Thanks to some seriously smart algorithms, it basically reads your mind and creates this amazing video.

And the best part? You can customize it, so you don't have to juggle a bunch of different tools. Pick a template, make your video, tweak it, and boom, you're ready to download it.

free ai tools online for content writing

Key Features of Lumen5

1.It uses AI to speed up the video-making process, so you can get slick, professional videos in no time.

2.Got some text? It can turn it into an awesome video with just a few clicks.

3.Loads of templates to choose from, so you can style your video just the way you want.

4.You can even slap on your own fonts to keep your brand's look consistent.

Pros of Lumen5

  • It's so easy to use, even if you're just starting out.
  • Saves you a bunch of time. Like, a lot.
  • You can make videos that really match your brand's style.

Cons of Lumen5

  • If you're after some seriously fancy video edits, this might not be the right tool for you.
  • The free version has its limits, so keep that in mind.

7. GitHub Copilot: Best Free AI Tool for Coding

GitHub Copilot is a coding buddy that's here to make life easier for programmers. You know, coding can be a real time-sucker, taking hours or even months to build stuff, especially with JavaScript for web apps. But with Copilot, it's like magic. It suggests code as you type, saving you loads of time and helping you learn new stuff. It's like having a super-smart assistant in your code editor.

best free ai tools online

Key Features of GitHub Copilot

1.It can help with lots of different languages and frameworks, but it's best buds with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Java, and Go.

2.It's been trained on a ton of public code, so it gets what your project needs.

Pros of GitHub Copilot

  • Saves you heaps of time and effort by churning out code super fast
  • It's like a coding wizard – it doesn't mess up, it just knows what to do
  • If you're already using Visual Studio Code, it's a breeze to use

Cons of GitHub Copilot

  • Newbie coders might scratch their heads at some of the complex code suggestions.
  • And there's a chance you need to be careful with sensitive code stuff.

8. LANDR Samples: Best Free Online Audio Editors

This cool tool, LANDR, is all about audio editing online. It's made for people into beat-making, and it's awesome for both newbies and pros. It’s super easy to use, they even give you helpful walkthroughs. You get access to a ton of royalty-free samples to spice up your music. In a nutshell, if you're all about making beats, this is your go-to online audio editor. With LANDR, you can feel like a DJ master.

ai writing tools free online

Pros of LANDR

  • It's easy to learn and get the hang of
  • Navigation is a breeze
  • Loads of royalty-free samples to play with

Cons of LANDR

It's a bit limited in what it can do, so keep that in mind

9. Pixlr: Best Free Online AI Photo Editors

Pixlr is a really handy photo editor that won't cost you a dime. It's got all the basic stuff you'd want, like removing backgrounds (they have a separate app for that), adding filters, making cool animations, and creating photo collages.

But here's the cool part: there's also a paid version. It gives you access to tons of extra stuff like overlays, stickers, tutorials, and special editing tools. Plus, you can grab images right from places like Google Drive and Dropbox. Pros love it for quick touch-ups.

free ai tools online

Pros of Pixler

  • Gives you lots of cool features for free
  • Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive

Cons of Pixler

  • Majority of the cool stuff is paid

Final Words

In conclusion, there are several free AI tools available online that can greatly enhance various aspects of our daily lives. From chatbots like ChatGPT for natural conversations to AI image generators like DALL-E 2 for graphic design, and Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool streamlines PDF document analysis for businesses. These best free AI tools have become valuable assets, making tasks faster and more efficient across different fields.