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Nail Your Scrabble Game: Words that Start with AI

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-05-16

Using words that start with “AI” in Scrabble can be a wise move to leave your opponent in dust. This is because these words fit very nicely with many existing words on board. This lets you strategically place your tiles to score high points and block your opponent’s opportunities as well.

If you’re lucky, you can even place your “AI” word on a double letter or double word score and get even more points. In this article, we’ll share short and long words starting with “AI” with the most chance of scoring highest on Scrabble board. So, have a look!

9 Letter Words That Start With AI

Long words like 9-letter ones are quite valuable in Scrabble for several reasons such as:

1.Lots of nine-letter words that start with AI come with several vowels (A, I, E, O). That gets you extra points on special squares. For example, “Airchecks” is worth 20 points.

2.Some of nine-letter words, like “Aigrettes” or “Aitchbone” might surprise your opponent because they’re not as common. That means you can use them to score points in unexpected ways.

Check out these 9-letter words that start with “AI:”

  • Aiguilles (10).
  • Aisleways (15).
  • Airworthy (18).
  • Airspaces (13).
  • Airmobile (13).
  • Airmailed (12).
  • Airheaded (14).
  • Ailanthus (12).
  • Airbusses (11).
  • Airframes (14).
  • Airfields (13).
  • Airproofs (14).
  • Airpowers (14).

8 Letter Words That Start With AI

You can place eight-letter words on a Scrabble board in many different ways to connect to other letters and reach a double or triple word score. Like, if you place “Airplane” (10) on a double word score, you’d get 20 points.

Here are a few 8-letter words that start with “AI:”

  • Aircraft (13).
  • Airborne (10).
  • Ailerons (8).
  • Airfield (12).
  • Airtight (12).
  • Airspace (12).
  • Airstrip (10).
  • Airwaves (14).
  • Airliner (8).
  • Aircheck (19).
  • Aircoach (15).
  • Airdrome (11).
  • Airbrush (13).

7 Letter Words That Start With AI

When you use all seven of your letter tiles in one turn in Scrabble, it’s called a “Bingo,” and you get an extra 50 points on top of what the word would usually score. Here are some 7-letter words that start with “AI” that could help you get a Bingo:

  • Airfoil (10).
  • Aikidos (12).
  • Airlift (10).
  • Airsick (13).
  • Aircrew (12).
  • Airshot (10).
  • Airship (12).
  • Airline (7).
  • Ailment (9).
  • Airglow (11).
  • Airlike (11).
  • Airways (13).

6 Letter Words That Start With AI

Using six-letter words that start with “AI” in Scrabble can be really helpful for a few reasons:

1.They can block your opponent from making good moves by limiting their options on the board.

2.Six-letter words are often easier to place on the board than longer ones. So you can control important parts of the board and keep your opponent from getting extra points.

Here are a few 6-letter words that start with “AI:”

  • Airbag (9).
  • Airway (12).
  • Airted (7).
  • Airman (8).
  • Airmen (8).
  • Aimful (11).
  • Aiming (9).
  • Aidful (10).
  • Aigret (7).

5 Letter Words That Start With AI

Knowing lots of five-letter words that start with AI in Scrabble is quite helpful because:

1.They’re not too short or too long, making them perfect for scoring points without taking up too much space on board.

2.They’re often a starting point for making longer words with all your tiles.

3.“C” and “S” letter tiles are good to have in Scrabble because they can’t be used in very short words. Using them in five-letter words helps you use these tiles and make room for better letters on your rack.

4.When the game’s almost over and the board’s full, having a stock of five-letter words ready can help you clear out your board even if it’s crowded and score more points as well.

Here are some words that start with AI 5 letters:

  • Aided (7).
  • Ailed (6).
  • Aimer (7).
  • Aired (6).
  • Airer (5).
  • Airns (5).
  • Airth (8).
  • Airts (5).
  • Aioli (5).
  • Aisle (5).
  • Aimed (8).
  • Aides (6).

Short Words That Start With AI

Short words that start with “AI” (2-5 letters ) are important in Scrabble for a few reasons:

1.They can score you a lot of points on their own, like “Aitch” and “Aiver,” which are worth 10 and 8 points, respectively. Some, like “Airway” and “Airflow,” (both 13 points) can get you even more points if you land on double or triple-letter squares.

2.Because they’re short, they can fit into tight spots on board, helping you reach double letter and word score bonus squares that you might not be able to reach with longer words. They also assist you in attaining new score opportunities by connecting to previously placed words.

3.Some “AI” words, like “Aioli,” (6) can help play bingo, which is using all your tiles at once for extra points. This is especially great if you have a blank tile or “S” to fill in gaps.

Here are a few short words that start with “AI:”

Two Letters:

  • Ai (2).

Three Letters:

  • Aim (5).
  • Aid (4).
  • Ain (3).
  • Ail (4).
  • Air (3).
  • Ais (3).
  • Ait (3).

Four Letters:

  • Aide (5).
  • Aids (5).
  • Ails (4).
  • Airs (4).
  • Aits (4).
  • Airy (7).
  • Ains (4).
  • Airt (4).
  • Aims (6).

Positive Words That Start With AI

Words can have either positive or negative meanings. So, why not pick positive words in Scrabble? Positive words can make people feel good and bring positivity to a situation. Here are some positive words that start with “AI:”

High Scoring:

  • Aikido (12 points): This Japanese martial art emphasizes harmony and control.
  • Airy (8 points): Creates a sense of lightness and openness.

Good Scoring:

  • Aided (7 points): Helping someone.
  • Aider (6 points): Someone who helps others.
  • Aides (6 points): People who assist.

General Use:

  • Aims (6 points): Having goals and aspirations.


Utilizing words that start with “AI” in Scrabble can tip game in your favor. Whether you use short words to score faster or longer ones to plan your moves, these letters give you chances to win. If you use right strategies, you can beat your opponents and win at Scrabble in a short time.