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[Detailed Guide] What is & How to Get ChatGPT Enterprise

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-28

The business world is evolving at a rapid pace. To remain competitive in the highly competitive and ever-evolving business world, you need to rely on advanced AI solutions. No matter which industry you belong to, AI-driven solutions can benefit you in all fields and can enhance the efficiency of business processes. AI solutions can assist in all aspects of business and can enhance the productivity and creativity of teams. You are in luck because this article is dedicated to the workings and features of Chat GPT along with the process to obtain its subscription.

Part 1: What is ChatGPT Enterprise?

ChatGPT Enterprise, as the name suggests, is a special edition subscription plan for enterprise-wide usage. ChatGPT for enterprise offers enhanced security, longer context windows to process extensive inputs, scalability, GPT-4 Turbo access at high speed, data analytics ability, and tailored solutions to address various business-specific challenges in the advanced digital landscape.

how to get chatgpt enterprise

Part 2. Does ChatGPT have an enterprise version?

OpenAI launched a specialized version in August 2023 to serve enterprise needs for various use cases which is known as ChatGPT Enterprise. ChatGPT Enterprise offers enhanced features that are not included in the general ChatGPT version. The key features that distinguish the enterprise version are quite attractive for businesses your next quest will be to find out how to get chatGPT enterprise. Here are the key features of ChatGPT Enterprise that you should get acquainted with:

Bulk Administration: OpenAI ChatGPT enterprise also offers an admin console that allows you to add bulk users to access the system while supporting single sign-on. It also offers a domain verification feature to ascertain that the system is accessed by authentic personnel. Moreover, to get usage insights you can also check the analytics dashboard and monitor administration activity.

Enhanced security: ChatGPT enterprise offers enhanced security features that protect your data and privacy while complying with industry regulations. The company data and customer prompts are not accessed by ChatGPT to train OpenAI models. All the enterprise-wide data is encrypted (at rest by AES 256 while in transit through TLS 1.2+) and SOC2 compliant.

Enhanced performance: The ChatGPT corporate account offers enhanced performance as it can run GPT-4 model (LLM- large language model). The best part is that there is no usage cap. Also, the speed is higher two times than the non-enterprise model which helps in fast processing and exceptional performance.

Advanced analytics: The Chat GPT enterprise license offers advanced analytics and that too with unlimited access. Previously famous as Code Interpreter, this data analytics helps enterprise developers to customize the ChatGPT enterprise as per their specific business requirements.

Workflows and templates: With ChatGPT enterprise you can create custom workflows through which you can get assistance from technology without the need for prompt engineering skills. Also, you can get access to chat templates that you can also share among team members. These templates work great for internal communication and make collaboration more efficient between teams.

Extended Context Window: The Enterprise version of ChatGPT is celebrated for its extended context window. It allows you to work up to 32000 tokens which is 4 times than the primary user prompt, follow-ups, and files management capability of ChatGPT

Part 3. How Does ChatGPT Enterprise Work?

ChatGPT Enterprise works by processing your prompts through large context windows that allow you to process larger inputs. The customization options let you train the ChatGPT as per your specific business needs so that it can process the information and come up with a business solution that matches your industry. With advanced data analytics, it keeps you updated with recent trends and performance metrics so that you can work on areas that need improvement. The best part is that all this processing is done at great speed through GPT-4 turbo access which allows you to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your business model.

Part 4: How to Get ChatGPT Enterprise?

Now that you are acquainted with the key features of ChatGPT enterprise, you must be interested to know how to get ChatGPT enterprise account for your business.

All you need to do is to reach out to the OpenAI team. Your quest to find out how to get access to the chatGPT enterprise account is to directly contact OpenAI. You can open their website, and select chatGPT Enterprise under the products/service section. Once you select the option of ChatGPT enterprise you are directly linked to the active and dedicated support and sales team of OpenAI. This team will guide you about the best available chatGPT enterprise version for you as per your business model. If you need a custom solution then they will refer you to the consultation experts who can guide you further in this regard.

Part 5. What is the Difference between ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise?

While you wonder how to get API for chatGPT, you must understand the difference between ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise as many users get confused between the two. Here are the major differences between these two versions:

Security: Though ChatGPT Plus also offers data encryption ChatGPT Enterprise took data security to the next level by opting for the advanced cybersecurity framework of SOC2 (service organization control type 2) for data encryption and protection.

Pricing: ChatGPT Plus comes at a fixed price of $20 every month while the price of ChatGPT Enterprise varies with the features and access such as location and team members. This is why you can know the actual price by negotiating the terms and use case with the sales team.

Administrative features: ChatGPT Enterprise offers an administrative console that helps you to manage the tool with bulk users and also monitors analytics to see activity on the dashboard. It also allows you to share chat templates with team members and generate workflows to make sure that every team member knows the pending tasks. ChatGPT Plus does not offer any such advanced administrative feature.

Speed: ChatGPT Enterprise is faster as compared to ChatGPT Plus.

Usage cap: ChatGPT Plus comes with a usage cap of 50 prompts in 3 hours whereas ChatGPT Enterprise does not come with any such cap and offers unlimited processing.

Part 6. Is ChatGPT Enterprise Faster?

ChatGPT enterprise is surely faster than the general GPT version. Its processing speed is double that of the standard chatGPT version, can handle a large number of prompts, uses the GPT-4 model to offer quick processing, and is highly scalable to ensure performance remains exceptional with high usage.

Final Word

AI technology is changing the landscape of the current business environment. To enjoy a competitive edge and business success it is high time to invest in AI tools that offer efficient solutions for business in various industries. The features such as scalability, enhanced security, customization, advanced analytics, and business integration make ChatGPT Enterprise a comprehensive solution for your business growth and success. The most pressing question is how to get chatGPT enterprise for your business. To obtain ChatGPT enterprise, you can visit the OpenAI website and choose ChatGPT Enterprise as your product/service of interest, and their expert support and sales team will take care of the rest.