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The Best AI Image Generators of 2024 [Don't Miss This]

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-05-20

Artificial intelligence (AI) image generators have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. With the ability to instantly generate stunning visuals based on simple text prompts, these tools provide endless creative possibilities for graphic designers, artists, content creators, and more.

But with so many AI image generator names now available, how do you know which one is the best fit for your unique needs and goals? This comprehensive guide will highlight the top AI image generators of 2024, outlining their key features, strengths, and limitations to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you're a social media manager looking for eye-catching visuals or an indie game developer prototyping character designs, read on to discover the best AI image generator for your creative visions.

Part 1: How to Pick the Best AI Image Generator?

When evaluating which AI image name generator is right for you, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Ease of Use: The user interface and overall experience can greatly impact your productivity with these tools. Seek out generators with intuitive prompts and streamlined workflows.
  • Cost: Pricing can range from free limited trials to paid "Pro" tiers. Weigh the costs against the quality and extent of features offered.
  • Art Style and Quality: Each generator has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to art styles. Review sample outputs to ensure the tool can deliver the aesthetic you're seeking.
  • Customization Options: The level of control over outputs varies across generators. If creative flexibility is key, prioritize advanced features like image size adjustment.
  • Limitations: Understand if there are constraints around content types, output sizes, etc. Also, consider model biases that could limit diversity in outputs.
  • Integration with Photo Editors: Seamless integration with editing software like Photoshop streamlines post-processing of AI images.

When weighing these factors, also consider your specific goals and needs. A social media manager may prioritize ease of use and cost, while a game developer focuses more on art style and customizability. Analyzing your goals will steer you towards the best AI image generator for your unique requirements.

Part 2: Top AI Image Generators of 2024

Here is an in-depth look at the top contenders for best AI image generator of 2024:

1. Midjourney

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Since launching in 2021, Midjourney has quickly become a frontrunner in AI image generation thanks to its vibrant art style and intuitive experience.


  • Founded in 2021 and based on the CLIP neural network
  • Generates images from text prompts and simple sketches
  • Known for colorful, fantastical art style

Key Features

  • Intuitive text and sketch-based prompts
  • Built-in image upscaling
  • "Relativity" feature for iterating on outputs
  • Active Discord community provides inspiration and support


  • Consistently vibrant, creative image style
  • Easy-to-use workflows for text and sketch prompts
  • Fast output generation speed
  • Engaged community and collaboration features

2. DALL-E 3

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OpenAI's DALL-E models have achieved widespread acclaim for their photorealistic and versatile art capabilities. The latest iteration, DALL-E 3, promises even more advanced image generation. It is among the best AI name image generators.


  • Created by leading AI research company OpenAI
  • Latest model in the DALL-E series focused on photorealism
  • Currently in private beta, expected wider release in 2023

Key Features

  • Generates realistic images and art from text prompts
  • Outpainting feature expands images beyond initial frame
  • Control over aspects like lighting, camera angle, and more
  • Emerging capabilities for 3D image generation


  • Gold standard for photorealistic image generation
  • Unparalleled image quality and detail
  • Advanced control over image attributes and styles
  • Cutting-edge innovation from a top AI research firm

3. Stable Diffusion

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Stable Diffusion offers an open-source alternative for AI image generation thanks to its flexibility and active developer community.


  • Open-source image generator created in 2022
  • Built on LATENT diffusion models technique
  • Rapid innovation from active developer community

Key Features

  • Text-to-image generation capabilities
  • Inpainting to modify sections of images
  • Compatible with many model architectures
  • CUDA GPU acceleration for faster image generation


  • Flexible open-source model allows customization
  • Impressive image quality from an emerging model
  • Free public API options available
  • Ability to run locally or access via API

4. Adobe Firefly

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As a new offering from the creative software giant, Adobe Firefly promises tight integration with Adobe's suite of creative tools.


  • Launched in 2023 by Adobe
  • Focused on integration with Creative Cloud
  • Currently in private beta

Key Features

  • Generate images from text, image, brush stroke inputs
  • Save and access generations directly in Creative Cloud
  • Refine images in Photoshop or Illustrator workflows


  • Tight integration with Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem
  • Familiar Adobe interface and workflows
  • Access cloud documents and assets directly

5. Getty's Generative AI

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With its focus squarely on stock art, Getty's forthcoming generative AI promises unique strengths in commercial visual content.


  • Currently in private beta, releasing in 2023
  • Initiative from Getty Images focused on stock photos
  • Will offer curated library of AI-generated images

Key Features

  • Specialized model for conceptual stock photos
  • Tools for refining images to meet commercial needs
  • Seamless integration with Getty's stock media library


  • Targeted model for high-quality stock images
  • Refinement for commercially-appealing outputs
  • Combining AI capabilities with vast Getty stock library

6. Craiyon

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Formerly known as DALL-E Mini, Craiyon delivers surprisingly capable image generation in a free web app with fun creative options.


  • Launched in 2022 by Anthropic as DALL-E Mini
  • Renamed Craiyon in 2023
  • Free web version available with limited outputs

Key Features

  • Text-to-image generation capabilities
  • Surprising quality given limited model size
  • Fun illustration styles


  • Completely free web version
  • Unexpectedly good image quality
  • Entertaining, quirky image styles

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With this comprehensive overview of the top AI image generators of 2024, you now have the knowledge to select the best tool aligned to your unique creative goals and priorities.

Midjourney's whimsical style excels for social posts, DALL-E 3 leads in photorealism, Stable Diffusion offers customization, Adobe Firefly promises seamless integration, while Craiyon gives free access. Each has strengths catering to different requirements.

Don't let your hard work generating the perfect image go to waste either - use a tool like Tenorshare Chatdoc AI Reader to easily create summaries, extract key details, and manage your AI image research and documents in one place.