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Free Your Imagination: Download Now the Best 6 AI Outpainting Tools Online

Author: Andy Samue | 2023-12-07

Outpainting is taking the internet by storm lately, especially on communities like Reddit. This new AI technique allows you to expand and continue an existing image, opening up creative possibilities that seemed like science fiction just a few years ago.

By using textual prompts and machine learning algorithms, outpainting tools can generate brand new details that seamlessly integrate with the original image. It's an incredibly powerful technology that effectively lets you illustrate your imagination.

In this article, we'll highlight six of the best free online outpainting AI tools available today. These web-based platforms allow you to start expanding images immediately without needing to install any software. If you want to unlock new artistic potential and wow your friends, you won't want to miss these incredible image-generation playgrounds. Let's dive in.

Part 1: What is AI Outpainting?

Outpainting is a cutting-edge AI technique that allows you to seamlessly expand and continue an existing image. It uses a machine learning model called a diffusion model that has been trained on vast datasets of images.

When you provide an original seed image and a text prompt describing what you want the outpainting to generate, the AI will analyze the existing visual features and patterns. It will then create brand new details, objects, and scenery in the same style that logically continues the image.

The results can be breathtaking - with vivid scenes flowing outwards from the original image, bringing to life anything you can describe. It opens up possibilities for illustrators, photographers, and anyone wanting to edit or enhance their visual media.

Part 2: Best 6 AI Outpainting Tool List

1. PromeAI

PromeAI is pioneering the AI outpainting space with their platform specifically engineered for image expanding and continuation.

Outpainting with PromeAI opens new creative possibilities previously only accessible to Hollywood studios. Their meticulously crafted outpainting algorithms allow stunning, photorealistic environments, scenes, and vistas to blossom from any seed image - no artistic skills required.


  • Intuitive prompt-based outpainting
  • Control over outpainted regions
  • Advanced image processing filters
  • Auto-masking option
  • Up to 4X greater resolution


  • Interface optimized for outpainting
  • Impressive output quality
  • Regular model updates


  • Limited free generations daily
  • Struggles with complex prompts

2. Getimg.ai

Getimg.ai is an established leader in AI image generation, with a near-magical suite of creative tools - now including state-of-the-art outpainting capabilities. Their latest diffusion models allow realistic, artistic expansion of any image by up to 2X resolution.

Whether you want to widen a scenic landscape, extend a textured pattern, or populate a room with customized furnishings, Getimg.ai makes AI-assisted visual creation fun, fast, and affordable.


  • Flexible outpainted areas
  • Mask overlap slider
  • Color and style adjustment
  • 2X max resolution
  • Batch processing


  • Fast processing and generation
  • Great at continuing patterns
  • Affordable pricing tiers


  • Varying reliability

  • Less fine-grained control

    3.Neural Love

    With a free, unlimited platform, Neural Love is bringing artful AI outpainting capabilities to the masses. Hobbyists, students, and professional creators alike can expand their images in imaginative new directions with Neural Love’s whimsical artistic style.

    Neural Love specializes in seamlessly continuing landscape contours, textures, lighting, and other attributes using the latest in diffusion model technology. It is the best ai painting online tool.


    • Intuitive interface
    • Suggestions for continuations
    • Control of paint direction
    • Quality and aspect settings
    • Free with no limits


    • Whimsical, artful output
    • Great for natural scenery
    • Fully free platform


    • Results can be less coherent
    • Fewer customizations

    4. Stability.AI ClipDrop

    Stability.AI burst onto the generative AI scene in 2022 with ClipDrop - an outpainting tool allowing seamless image expansions through an intuitive browser-based interface.

    ClipDrop utilizes Stability's own state-of-the-art Stable Diffusion outpainting model to analyze patterns, textures, lighting and other attributes before rendering striking photorealistic outpainted continuations. With support for resolutions up to 512x512 pixels, ClipDrop empowers creators to grow and enhance their work without advanced technical skills.


    • Convenient web interface
    • AI painting generator
    • Automatic suggestions for expansions
    • Control over outpainted regions
    • 512x512 resolution
    • Batch processing


    • Impressive quality for a free tool
    • Easy to get started for beginners
    • Frequent model updates


    • Requires Stability.AI account
    • Limited features compared to paid tiers

    5. Limewire AI Image Outpainting

    Limewire AI stormed the waitlist-only AI art scene in November 2022, quickly becoming a buzzed-about platform for outpainting thanks to its versatile image expansion capabilities.

    Powered by a leading-edge neural radiance diffusion model, Limewire can continue patterns, populate spaces with coherent details, and even generate completely new environments extending beyond image borders. With features tailored specifically to outpainting, Limewire makes conjuring vivid visual mirages almost disarmingly easy.


    • Specialized for outpainting use cases
    • Up to 4K resolution scaling
    • Custom mask controls
    • Aspect ratio preservation
    • Creative style transfer filter


    • Impressive quality and seamlessness
    • Very quick generation
    • Free tier available


    • Currently requires waitlist access
    • Limited number of free generations

    6. Outpainting in DALL-E 2

    As the viral pioneer of text-to-image AI generation, DALL-E 2 took the internet by storm in 2022 - and now also offers outpainting functionality using its world-class imaginative models.

    While DALL-E wasn't originally built specifically for outpainting, its capabilities for parsing context and rendering striking photorealism lend themselves well to image expansion use cases. DALL-E's signature diversity in creative interpretations opens up unexpected possibilities.


    • Recognizes and continues patterns
    • Up to 1024x1024 resolution
    • Control over mask placement
    • Variety in output styles
    • Seamless integration


    • Best-in-class image quality
    • Unmatched creative diversity
    • Trusted industry leader


    • Requires Waitlist access
    • Outpainting uses limited

Part 3: Which Outpainting Online Tool is Better?

ToolImage QualityFeaturesPricingUseability
Getimg.aiVery GoodDecentFreemiumEasy
Neural LoveAverageBasicFreeEasy
Stability.AIVery GoodCoreFreemiumEasy
DALL-E 2Best-in-classLimitedClosed waitlistModerate

As the table shows, factors like maximum achievable image quality, breadth of features, pricing models, and general ease of use can make meaningful differences between platforms.

In general, PromeAI and Limewire lead in raw output quality and tuning controls, making them good choices for serious creators.

Getimg.ai is likely the most beginner-friendly option, while Neural Love offers surprise and delight for hobbyists. DALL-E 2 sets the high bar for realism but has availability limitations.

Bonus Tips: Let Chat PDF Tool Help AI Outpainting

Tenorshare AI PDF tool offers powerful AI-driven capabilities that can greatly assist with outpainting workflows.

This versatile online platform functions as an intelligent PDF manager, empowering users to easily extract key insights and details from extensive documents.


Some of the core features that could aid outpainting creation include:

  • Accurate Summarization - Condenses PDF contents into concise overviews, quickly providing context.
  • Instant Answering - Enables querying PDFs to swiftly obtain key details to inspire outpainting.
  • Batch Uploading - Allows simultaneously processing multiple reference files.
  • Annotation and Commenting - Helps highlight and extract relevant passages.

How to Use Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool

Step 1: Visit the website and upload your PDF files.

tenorshare ai pdf1

Step2: Create an account and log in.

tenorshare ai pdf2

Step 3: Ask questions or request PDF summarization to analytical skills for ai and data science pdf.

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FAQs about AI Outpainting

1.What is the best AI Painting App?

DALL-E 2 and 3 is currently considered the best AI painting app due to its ability to generate highly detailed and realistic images from text prompts.

2. Which AI painting creator is best for concrete vivid paintings?

Midjourney is regarded as one of the best AI painting software for generating concrete, vivid digital paintings. Its image generation tends to have a distinct surreal, fantasy art style with crisp details. Moreover, with the recent release of DALLE 3, it also now considered as one of the best ai image outpainting tools.

Final Verdict

The AI outpainting tools featured in this article demonstrate the rapid advancement and exciting potential of AI image generation. Once limited to basic shapes and textures, algorithms like DALL-E 3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion can now generate strikingly realistic and creative art from text prompts.

While concerns around copyright and fair use remain, the democratization of these technologies is allowing anyone to easily create unique digital art, opening new creative possibilities for industries, hobbyists, and artists alike.

As for all your PDF needs, you should try Tenorshare AI PDF tool to get the most out of your PDF document.

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