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Best 4 AI Story Generator in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-02-03

Coming up with exciting new stories and captivating narratives used to be a skill exclusive to the best storytellers and writers. But now in 2024, AI story generators can automate the creative process to instantly produce unique plots, characters and entire fictional worlds. In this article, we review the top 4 AI tools for automated story generation in just a few clicks.

From turning basic prompts into compelling sagas to helping writers overcome writer's block, AI story generators tap into vast databases and advanced machine learning to unlock new dimensions of human creativity. Read on to discover which solution suits your needs as we compare features like customization options, output length and story genres across tools.

Part 1: Jasper AI

jasper ai

Jasper AI is an advanced story-writing assistant that utilizes powerful artificial intelligence to generate unique fictional plots, settings, characters, and more from basic text prompts. Designed specifically for fiction writers, novelists and creative writers suffering from writer's block, the Jasper AI storybook generator aims to enhance creativity and accelerate story ideation.

After providing a starting prompt, users can produce stories up to 5000 words through customizable parameters like genre, tone, plot points, and more. With helpful organization features like chapters and automatic saving, Jasper AI story writer promises to unlock new creative possibilities and rapidly transform vague concepts into compelling written stories ready for expansion and editing.


  • Generate story ideas and fictional plots from text prompts
  • Customize story length, genre, tone, characters, plot points
  • Develop stories up to 5000 words
  • Useful chapter and highlights the organization
  • Automatically save generated content
  • Ideal for writers, authors overcoming writer's block


    1.Sign up for a free Jasper AI account

    2.Enter a text prompt with a basic idea/premise

    3.Customize parameters like genre, characters, and plot points

    4.Click the 'Build Story' button to generate a fictional narrative

    5.Develop, organize, and auto-save stories up to 5000 words

Part 2: Sudowrite


Sudowrite is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps fiction writers and authors quickly develop compelling stories. With just a few opening sentences, Sudowrite can generate complete short stories or develop detailed outlines for novels by suggesting plot progression, events, characters, and vivid descriptions.

Writers simply provide some initial narrative, adjust parameters like genre and story complexity, and then Sudowrite’s advanced story generator AI writes full narratives, whether for fun entertainment or expanding into publishable works. With helpful organization into chapters and scenes, automatic saving, variation options, and more, Sudowrite makes realizing fictional ideas exponentially faster.


  • Generate complete short stories from brief prompts
  • Outline detailed novel plots including progression and events
  • Develop engaging characters and immersive worldbuilding
  • Suggest descriptions and compelling narrative sentences
  • Organize output into chapters and scenes
  • Customize variables like genre, complexity, character traits
  • Save and manage generated content
  • Specifically designed for fiction writing


    1.Create a free Sudowrite account

    2.Enter opening sentences or writing prompt

    3.Adjust story parameters to steer generation

    4.Click the Generate button to produce plot outlines or full stories

    5.Review and refine storylines and character details

    6.Export histories and access time to continue writing

Part 3: ShortlyAI


ShortlyAI is an advanced AI storytelling generator that allows anyone to instantly generate compelling fictional narratives simply by entering a few opening sentences. Harnessing the power of GPT-3, ShortlyAI asks users to provide a short writing prompt and then suggests how the storyline could progress, including pivotal events, detailed scenarios, engaging dialogue, and vivid prose.

Writers can further customize the AI-generated stories via parameters like genre, tone, length, protagonist details, and more before exporting the full narratives. With additional functions like grammar correction, dictionary definitions, and auto-saving, ShortlyAI opens new dimensions of ideation for novels, scripts, or recreational enjoyment.


  • Generate complete short stories from a few opening sentences
  • Suggest plot progression, events, character development and descriptions
  • Provides gripping dialogue between characters
  • Customize parameters like genre, word count, etc
  • Grammar correction and dictionary definition integration
  • Auto-save functionality to resume writing anytime
  • Ideal for developing scripts, films, books and more


    1.Create a free ShortlyAI account

    2.Enter a short writing prompt to initiate the story

    3.Guide story direction through customizable parameters

    4.Click "Continue Story" for AI to generate a compelling narrative

    5.Enable grammar correction and dictionary integration

    6.Export completed stories or save them to the cloud to continue writing later

Part 4: Plot Factory

plot factory

Plot Factory is an AI-powered writing assistant that brings story ideas to life through interactive brainstorming and advanced story-generation capabilities. Built specifically for fiction authors, screenwriters and aspiring writers, Plot Factory AI storyline generator combines human creativity with the productivity of AI to accelerate everything from crafting loglines to completing manuscript drafts.

After answering guided questions on key details like genre, protagonist, conflict, and themes or providing a starting writing prompt, Plot Factory’s algorithms develop plots, subplots, pivotal scenarios, and suggested scenes to transform vague concepts into structured narratives ready for expansion. It is the best AI storybook generator.


  • Interactive brainstorming of custom story ideas
  • Generates complete plots including structure and pivotal scenes
  • Fleshes out subplots, main arcs, character details
  • Provides writing suggestions to enrich narratives
  • Exports thorough outlines ready for manuscript drafting
  • Useful for tracking progress and organizing via chapters
  • Designed specifically for fiction genres like fantasy, sci-fi, etc.


    1.Sign up for a free Plot Factory account

    2.Answer guided questions on key details

    3.Or enter a writing prompt to initiate AI generation

    4.Click "Start Plotting" to produce a structured storyline

    5.Review and refine plot points, characters, scenes, etc.

    6.Export organized outlines to expand writing efforts

Bonus: Summary or Chat with a PDF - Tenorshare AI

Tenorshare AI PDF Assistant is an innovative AI chatbot tool that allows conversing directly with PDF files to extract key information or receive summaries without any reading needed.

After a simple drag-and-drop upload, users can prompt the AI assistant with commands like "summarize this PDF" or ask specific questions which the algorithm will intelligently identify answers from the document to respond in a conversational format.


  • PDF summarization - Condenses files into concise overviews
  • Interactive QA - Chat with documents by asking questions
  • Conversational responses - Human-like chatbot communication
  • Accurate comprehension - Understands context to find answers
  • Customizable queries - Ask for specific data points or insights
  • Summary downloads - Save overviews for offline access


Step 1. Go to Tenorshare AI home and Upload your PDF file.

upload your pdf file

Step 2. Create a free account on Tenorshare AI Chat PDF to start chatting with your PDF.

create and log in to your account

Step 3. Use the chatbox on the right side of your PDF and ask the questions relating to the AI story generator. It will summarize the text quickly.

chat with pdf and ask questions


Unlocking new creative possibilities used to be restricted to only the most gifted storytellers. But AI story generators now offer stimulating fictional ideation to writers of all skill levels. As covered across tools like Jasper AI, Sudowrite, Shortly AI and Plot Factory, advanced artificial intelligence can rapidly analyze prompts and basic concepts to produce compelling plots, complex characters, immersive worldbuilding and complete short stories or novel outlines.

Solutions like Tenorshare AI PDF Assistant showcase how AI comprehension now even allows chatting conversationally with documents to extract insights.