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ChatGPT Image Generator Using Guide 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-02-21

With the advent of Open AI and ChatGPT, it wasn’t long before the simple Q&A model evolved into something much more complex. It started with LLM or the Large Language Model. This model is used to give you an answer to your queries using massive amounts of information available to AI on the internet. This model has now evolved to VLM or the Visual Language model, which now uses computer vision.

Finally, it is a reality that you can use the VLM or GPT-4V-enabled model and use the ChatGPT image generator for great images. So, how does ChatGPT generate images, and what are the steps? Let's find out in this article.

Part 1: Can ChatGPT Generate Images?

The VLM or GPT-4V now uses a multimodel AI to understand how different media work and extract information from them. So when you instruct it to create an image using just text, it uses the model to learn from various media and gives you the best output.

how to use chatgpt image generator intro

Of course, as this is a deep machine learning AI model, it grows with time as you feed it more information. The more complex your queries are, the more powerful they will become, and the better the images the ChatGPT image generator will give you.

There are still several nuances to using the ChatGPT AI image generator, which we will discuss in the next section.

Part 2: How to Use Chatgpt Image Generator?

You can visit AllImageGenerator for the best results when using the ChatGPT image generator free. These are simple steps, and you don't need to be a master at using the AI image generator ChatGPT.

  • Create ChatGPT Image Generator Account
  • You can go to the link shared above or any apps and platforms using ChatGPT image generator APIs. Now, create a ChatGPT account or sign in if you already have created one. Once you are in, move on to the next step detailed below.

  • Select a Template
  • Many templates on the website are categorized into visual design, website, or document format for easy convenience. You can start your creative project by choosing any of these categories and a template you fancy. You will like several templates, and select one as a starter template to get to know the tool.

  • Fill the Form
  • After choosing the category and template, you can now ask the ChatGPT image generator to create your content, but first, you need to fill out a form. Here, you can explain what you want from the content. You can define different steps to help the ChatGPT image generator create the best images you need.

  • Get Your Content
  • With these simple steps, the ChatGPT generate image that will be of the highest quality and get more refined the better your instructions will be.

how to use chatgpt image generator guide

Part 3. How to Chat with PDF in ChatGPT?

Now that you understand how easy it is to use ChatGPT AI image generator to get your desired content. Many steps are involved here, and it can only generate images using the ChatGPT image generator free tool. Now, if you want other queries, you have to pay a heft sub, or you need a more complete tool to do that for you.

You can use Tenorshare AI PDF Tool as the best AI image generator ChatGPT alternate. It not only allows you to chat with ChatGPT to get the best answers, but you can also use it to get better summaries and important information from PDF files. These features are some of the best that you cannot find in any ChatGPT image generator tool.

Features of Tenorshare AI Chat PDF Tool:

  • One of the best and most effective summarization tools for extracting pertinent material and giving key points.
  • Identical to ChatGPT, the AI offers accurate and intelligent answers to all questions.
  • The approach is straightforward, akin to a conversation, but responses are always precise and knowledgeable.

How to Use?

Step 1. Upload the file that you wish to summarize to Tenorshare's servers. Sign in or create a new account. The sign-up process is free.

how to use chatgpt image generator chat with pdf and ask questions

Step 2. You will now see an interactable chatbox after the upload step.

Step 3. Ask the tool to make a summary, which you can further refine by asking follow-up questions.

how to use chatgpt image generator ask your pdf

Step 4. On the right, you can see 3 sample PDFs you can practice until you get the hang of the summarization tool.

Step 5. On the right, you can see 3 sample PDFs you can practice until you get the hang of the summarization tool.

how to use chatgpt image generator ask your pdf


As you can see from the information we shared in this article, the ChatGPT image generator is a great tool that can easily generate great-quality images. The tool can significantly improve your workflow if you are a freelancer or someone working at a media office. You can now work ten times faster with the help of the ChatGPT image generator and similar tools that use the power of AI.

With all the tools at your disposal, eventually, you want a singular tool that can enhance your workflow, and you don't want to shift between different ones. In that case, if you are looking for a good and reliable but singular app, we recommend Tenorshare AI PDF Tool. Check the app out today and experience why we are recommending it.