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Best 3 Chatgpt PDF Reader Alternative in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-28

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its unbelievable generative AI capabilities. It is undoubtedly one of the best AI content generators on the web to date.

People also use ChatGPT as a PDF reader. It can understand PDF on its own and then create a summary, answer users' questions, etc. However, its premium plan could be a bit expensive for users, and it is not a dedicated PDF tool.

We are here with ChatGPT PDF reader alternative. We have hand-picked some of the best tools on the market after critical evaluation. You can use them in place of ChatGPT and get better results. We will share the features, pros & cons, and other specifications of the tools. We will also do a quick comparison to make your selection easier.

Part 1: Best ChatGPT PDF Reader Alternative - Tenorshare AI

You might have heard or noticed the name Tenorshare while searching for a tool for your mobile phone or PC. Tenorshare is one of the biggest tech firms with hundreds of tools, one of which is Tenorshare AI .

Tenorshare AI PDF Tool is one of the top ChatGPT alternative free PDF tools with multiple features. It is developed for students, professionals, researchers, and general users to help them with AI assistance.

tenorshare ai pdf1

It has a PDF summarizer to make a clear and concise version of a long copy for your understanding of the idea behind it. This ChatGPT PDF reader alternative is highly accurate and summarizes the document's most crucial and grammatically correct information.

Most importantly, you can directly chat with the PDF. You can ask your queries, and it answers your questions just like a teacher. It offers you all the key information from the PDF without searching for it. You can also upload multiple PDF files in one go and work on together at the same time.

tenorshare ai pdf2

It offers a simple drag-and-drop uploading mechanism to make the tool user-friendly. The AI assistance is beyond your expectations because it instantly answers all your queries. It helps you handle files by allowing you to upload up to 4 files simultaneously.

Part 2: ChatGPT PDF Reader Alternative – PDFgear

The second chat PDF alternative isPDFgear, which has a variety of options available for the conversion. It offers 30+ tools to edit, merge, crop, and highlight a PDF. It is a complete PDF toolbox for everyone.

You will find an OCR tool that is an outrageous feature to extract text from image-based PDFs. Students and researchers love to have an OCR tool in chat PDF to get the text and quickly search for their problems. It also has multi-language support for the OCR feature.

PDFgear application is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It helps you split and merge any PDF instantly. It allows you to import and convert other format files to PDF format. You will find hundreds of conversion options you can get for free.


If you are a student, it allows you to annotate the PDF by highlighting, underlining, commenting, and inserting shapes. It also has an AI copilot powered by ChatGPT for answering your questions regarding the document. You can create text related to the PDF and get your task done in no time. It also gives impressive and intelligent suggestions.

It offers a straightforward interface where you can edit a PDF as in Microsoft Word. Beginners can get started without any hassle. You can change the orientation and background of PDF files easily.

Part 3: ChatGPT PDF Reader Alternative – AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF is another powerful and leading chat PDF alternative tool. It empowers you with an AI assistant for productive and interactive content creation. It saves you time searching on different websites by asking your queries directly from the AI chat pdf assistant.

You can also add its extension on Chrome to start chatting with the AI bot effortlessly. Its AI assistant is integrated with ChatGPT to generate the best answers.


AskYourPDF generates human-like text that nobody can detect. It also offers OCR technology to extract text from any image easily. It supports PDF, PPT, TXT, CSV and many more formats, making it diverse to provide the best output. When you upload a PDF or any document, it opens a chat interface where you can ask for help and resolve your concerns.

It is an online tool with a user-friendly interface to drag and drop your PDF without hassle. It has different pricing plans, each offering a wide variety of features at affordable prices. You can also use it for free, but an upgrade is necessary for high-quality content and suggestions. It limits you with the uploading size and questions in the free version, while you get plenty of room in the paid one.

Part 4: ChatGPT PDF Reader Alternative Pros and Cons

We have shared some of the best chat PDF alternative tools. All these offer distinct features and functions to facilitate users. However, choosing one of them could be a bit difficult.

For a quick comparison, let's look at the pros & cons and other details of tools.

ToolsAccuracyCompatibilityAI Chat Response RateOCR Technology
Tenorshare AI Highly Accurate Online tool compatible with all devices Fast Supports OCR
ChatGPT Highly Accurate Compatible with all devices Fast Doesn’t support OCR
PDFgear Moderate Not compatible with Android Slow Supports OCR
AskYourPDF Moderate Compatible with all devices Slow Supports OCR


We have listed the strong contenders of ChatGPT PDF reader alternatives to help you select the best one. The alternatives deliver innovative features and provide modern solutions to your queries.

All the alternatives are advanced to meet your requirements, but Tenorshare AI is a complete package that caters to the dynamic demands of the users in an instant. Besides all, Tenorshare AI has higher accuracy to generate the best answers to make you understand the concept clearly.