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IOS 18 New Features: Apple May Hire Google Gemini to Power iPhone AI

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-29

iOS 18 is set to be Apple's major iPhone update for 2024, packed with significant changes. Let’s go through its most remarkable new features: IOS 18 AI by google Gemini - iPhone AI features.

iOS 18 New Features: Apple May Hire Google Gemini To Power iPhone AI

Since Generative AI is becoming more and more popular, Apple has decided to adopt it in its new iOS 18, which is expected to be released at the end of 2024. According to a new report by Bloomberg, this is going to be the biggest yet most important update of the OS’s history, equipped with generative AI capabilities and more storage to house them.

ios 18 ai by google gemini - iphone ai features

Reportedly, Apple is considering powering its iOS 18 AI by Google Gemini – iPhone AI features to power a chatbot within the OS while Apple’s AI engine handles the behind-the-scenes tasks. Besides Google, Apple has also been talking to OpenAI and Baidu about adopting their Genai models.

This integration of Gemini AI into iOS 18 would equip Apple devices with a range of cloud-based AI-powered features, including but not limited to image creation and essay writing from a user’s prompts.

However, the deal has not been sealed yet, and we cannot be sure about anything. But still, there is a great chance for Gemini AI to be integrated into iOS 18. So, here is what you need to know about iOS 18 AI by Google GeminAI – iPhone AI features:

Overview Of Gemini AI

The Gemini AI is Google’s Genai model suite trained on large amounts of publicly available data. It is trained to communicate in and generate human-like texts in response to the prompts passed to it by users. It can have conversations, find information, and help users do creative stuff like writing stories, poems, essays, etc.

1.What Gemini AI can do?

Since Gemini AI is multimodal (can communicate in several ways), it can perform a variety of tasks ranging from generating transcripts to generating artwork, editing photos and videos, and responding to user queries.

 what gemini ai can do

Although Gemini is still under development and more is yet to come, here is what its different flavors would bring once fully launched:

According to Google, the Gemini Ultra would be able to help with things like Physics homework, step-by-step problem solving, identifying problem-related scientific papers, and extracting information from different sources.

The Gemini Pro is equipped with reasoning, planning, and understanding capabilities. It is found to be better than GPT 3.5 at handling complex reasoning.

Last but not least, the Gemini Nano is smart enough to run on a smartphone. Currently, it can transcribe the audio and powers the Smart Reply feature to suggest the next thing the user wants to type.

That being said, if iOS 18 AI by Google Gemini – iPhone AI features came into existence, it would be revolutionary for Apple consumers.

2.Is Gemini Better Than ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT has been around for a year, whereas the Gemini was made available for researchers and developers in December 2023 and is still under development. Both serve different purposes and excel in different output qualities; therefore, we cannot call one better than the other.

gemini vs chatgpt

The ChatGPT can respond to a wider range of user queries and provides very limited feedback options to the users. Also, the ChatGPT occasionally generates AI hallucinations when it fails to find the requested information. However, it responds to queries with greater detail than Gemini.

Conversely, the Gemini provides more quality management features and is highly focused on safety and feedback mechanisms. It also allows users to customize the tone of the responses generated by Gemini according to their needs, such as formal, casual, professional, etc. Moreover, the Gemini provides a built-in fact-checking mechanism with a Google button under every response it generates so the user can click and verify the information from the Internet.

Simply put, the ChatGPT is better at generating conversational content and responding to almost all user prompts, whereas Gemini should be given preference when reviewing and enhancing content quality.

3.Can Gemini AI Generate Images?

Like other AI models, Gemini AI can generate images using user prompts. It can transform the textual descriptions into evocative graphics. However, it is currently paused for people by the Google team to enhance its accuracy and performance.

According to Google, the Image generation feature was launched for the Gemini conversational app on February 2nd, 2024. Evidently, the feature fouled due to generating inaccurate and offensive images, leading to a temporary pause.

The feature might be relaunched with improved algorithms and better image generation, but there is no official announcement in this regard.

FAQs about the uUpcoming IOS 18 AI Feature Google Gemini

1.Is Google Gemini available on iPhone?

The Google Gemini can be accessed on iPhone with the Google or Google Gemini AI app. However, it has not yet been integrated into the operating system. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple is looking forward to license some of the Google Gemini features in its upcoming iOS 18. But the parties have not shaken hands yet in this regard.

2.What does AI do in iPhones?

Although Apple is currently working on its Generative AI plans, it has been using artificial intelligence in its devices for years. The following are some features that use on-device AI in iPhones:

  • Personal Voice: This is an accessibility setting that assists people at risk of speech loss in replicating their voice and helps them communicate with their friends and family.
  • Live Text: This feature reads the hand-written and typed text from images and helps users copy and paste it anywhere.
  • AI Camera: The iPhone camera uses AI algorithms to identify objects, set focus and keep the moving objects sharp while capturing them.

Besides these, Apple uses machine learning and other forms of AI in various applications and features.