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Unleash the Power of Chatdoc AI: Your Comprehensive Information Resource

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-30

With the popularity of ChatGPT, several new AI tools have entered the market. These emerging tools have also integrated ChatGPT API to increase the functionality. ChatDOC AI tool is also a good choice for those who deal with online documents. The main purpose of using the AI-powered tool is to get responses to document-related questions within the shortest time. It is very easy to use the tool because you need to make only human-like chats to get your solution. Tenorshare AI has been released as the best chatDOC alternative. The cost-effective tool gives you a significant value. You can use it for business and academic purposes.

Part 1: An Overview of ChatDOC AI Tool

ChatDOC is an advanced GPT3.5-based AI language learning model. It facilitates easy management of your document files. It can serve you as the reading assistant because the tool can analyze and summarize the content of your document. You will become more productive, as it accomplishes these tasks within a few seconds.

Using ChatDOC, it is easy to extract the relevant information from PDFs and Docs. You can search for information from a lengthy document. Mathematical commands can be run with minimal effort.

The best fact is that ChatDOC is capable of reading tables in your documents. So, data analysis will be easier for you if you use the ChatDOC tool. It also presents every answer with reference and proof obtained from your source file.

The size of your document is not an issue with the ChatDOC tool. It displays page numbers to show the places from where it has obtained the data.

Who uses ChatDOC?

ChatDOC is a valuable tool for diverse types of users. From researchers and businessmen to lawyers, everyone can use this tool. Even students and teachers can choose the AI tool for document analysis.

Steps for using ChatDOC

As ChatDOC is a simple tool, you can use them easily.

  • 1. Register with the online software. The first step is to sign up with the ChatDOC AI tool. Provide your email address and open your account.
  • 2. Provide the essential details during registrations. The website will ask you to enter details, password and username.
  • 3. Upload the PDF- Use the ChatDOC's feature and upload the PDF file. It will then direct you to start the analysis process.
  • 4. Ask any question related to your document. After uploading and analyzing your document, you have to interact with the tool. After entering the question, you will get an instant answer from this AI tool. The tool will refer to particular parts of your document.

Do you need to download the ChatDOC tool?

As ChatDOC is an online tool, it allows you to chat with the document you have uploaded. You will get an instant response with a number of cited sources. The integrated powerful AI model, known as ChatGPT, can read and interpret your PDF files like books and research papers. So, you will not need to download any software to use the AI tools. You may also use mobile or desktop to access the web platform.

Part 2: Tips for Using the Tenorshare ChatDOC Tool Efficiently

If you know some tricks for using ChatDOC, you can retrieve information more effectively. Make a strategic approach to making a question. So, learn a few tips for using the tool properly.

Stay more focused

While using the main chat, you have to ask a well-defined question. It will help you get more relevant answers. You can narrow down the snippets of the documents used. Remember that if you ask multiple questions, it will degrade your answer quality. It happens because there are limited tokens of GPT3.5.

Use threads

Another feature of using the AI tool is Threads, which will help you make follow-up questions. In case of exchanging the main chat, there may be a lack of context retention. But, Threads can maintain the context of the topic. Align your answers well with previous discussions.

Focus on the topic

Try to make the chat document-oriented. The starting responses of the tool should match the overall content of your document. It will make the responses more reliable.

Make precise questions and consider only objective queries

ChatDOC does not deal with personal views. So, your questions should be objective while dealing with the AI tool. The tool can find answers from the chosen document’s content. Thus, subjective queries will be of no value. Focus more on objective details available in your document.

Another important thing is to make your questions more precise. You need to mention some relevant criteria to let the tool retrieve the right content from the document. It also allows you to stay within the limits of tokens.

These are some effective tips for using the ChatDOC AI tool, Tenorshare. Extract the most relevant information from the documents.

Part 3: Learn about the Major Functionalities of ChatDOC

  • The AI tool is compatible with a variety of file formats, including docx and pdf. You may also provide only the URL of your document to use the tool.
  • An AI-driven chatbox integrated into the tool shows the way to use ChatDOC. For instance, you can make queries and be involved in conversations.
  • Some sections in the document can be highlighted by ChatDOC to get more precise responses.
  • ChatDOC provides footnotes and on-page references to locate the parts from where information has been obtained.
  • ChatDOC comes with a summarization tool, which is intended to help you get a precise overview of the content.
  • It can interpret and provide the output in a variety of languages, such as English and German.

How much does ChatDOC AI cost?

If you want the Pro version of the ChatDOC AI tool, the monthly cost is $5.99. For long-term use, you may choose the yearly plan available at a discount. As a new user, it is better to rely on the free version.

Moreover, ChatDOC has some special plans for enterprises. So, business owners can choose the tool and make a custom a custom deal.


AI tools for documents are highly popular in recent years. ChatDOC also acts as an AI-driven document assistant, allowing users to make document-based interactions. Using ChatDOCs, it is easy to summarize a lengthy document. You can also ask questions related to your document. Tenorshare is the best ChatDOC alternative. This AI assistant is highly advanced and provides precise responses to prompts. You will receive errorless responses and smooth functionality. You will not need to download the tool to use its features.