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Unveiling iOS 18 AI features: A Deep Dive into its AI-Powered Revolution

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-05-29

As the WWDC conference nears, Apple is working hard on iOS 18. While details are unconfirmed, rumors suggest iOS 18 could be Apple's most significant update yet, featuring a Large Language Model (LLM) due to growing interest in generative AI like ChatGPT. Stay tuned for a list of possible AI feature updates and keep an eye on this article for the latest on iOS 18!

ios 18 ai features

Part 1. Pinpointing Your iOS 18 Update Timeline

Apple has officially announced the release date for iOS 18, set to be unveiled during the WWDC developer conference in June. Here are the key dates to keep in mind:

1. Official Release

Mark your calendars! While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, Apple typically unveils iOS updates during their WWDC conference in June. This means you can expect a detailed roadmap for iOS 18 during that timeframe.

2. Staged Rollout

Here's what to expect after the official announcement:

  • Developer Beta (Shortly after WWDC): This initial version allows app developers to test and integrate their apps with the new features, ensuring a smooth transition for users.
  • Public Beta (A few weeks after Developer Beta): This broader release allows anyone to experience iOS 18 firsthand and provide valuable feedback to Apple.
  • Official Public Release (Expected in September): The final, polished version of iOS 18 typically coincides with the launch of the new iPhone models, allowing you to leverage the full potential of the new hardware alongside the software advancements.

Part 2. iOS 18 Compatibility - Is Your Device Ready?

Wondering whether your iPhone is compatible with the advancing AI revolution? Here's a detailed list of the models that are supported:

1. Compatible Devices

Rejoice if you own an iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, XS/XS Max, XR, SE (3rd and 2nd generation). These devices will be fully equipped to run iOS 18 and unlock its AI capabilities.

ios 18 ai features

2. Changes in Device Compatibility Compared to Previous Versions

  • Dropped Support: iOS 18 will no longer support the iPhone X and older models, which were compatible with iOS 17.
  • New Additions: The newly launched iPhone 15 series will be supported, featuring enhanced compatibility with the latest iOS 18 AI features and improvements.

These changes reflect Apple's focus on optimizing iOS 18 for newer hardware, ensuring the best performance and user experience on supported devices. If your device is on the compatibility list, you'll be able to enjoy the full range of new features and updates offered by iOS 18.

Part 3. How to Update iOS 18 AI Features?

Having identified when and on which gadget you can start using iOS 18, let's delve into the intriguing AI attributes that are set to enrich your experience:

1. Siri Gets Supercharged

Update 1: Smart Replies in Messages

Imagine Siri acting as your intelligent assistant while texting. It analyzes your message threads and suggests context-aware replies, saving you time and effort.

Update 2: Action Prompts on the Go

Composing messages just got a whole lot smoother. Siri proactively suggests actions like adding attachments, booking reservations or initiating calls based on the conversation, keeping you on top of your tasks.

Update 3: Siri and Shortcuts

  • Siri Recommendations: No more hunting for the right shortcut! Siri will suggest relevant shortcuts based on your daily routines and app usage, making automation a seamless part of your workflow.
  • Contextual Shortcut Activation: Gone are the days of generic voice commands. Siri understands the context and allows you to trigger shortcuts with voice commands that adapt to the situation. Imagine saying "Hey Siri, play my workout playlist" while opening the Fitness app to instantly launch your workout music.
ios 18 ai features

2. Safari - Redefining Web Browsing

Update 1: Safari Browsing Assistant

Encountered a complex webpage? No problem! The AI-powered Safari Browsing Assistant is here to help. Ask clarifying questions or request summaries of key points, and Safari will leverage AI to deliver clear and concise answers.

Update 2: Smart Search Made Simple

Refine your searches directly within Safari. As you type keywords, AI suggests relevant filters based on the webpage content. This allows you to drill down and find exactly what you're looking for, eliminating the need to visit multiple pages.

Update 3: Web Eraser - Taking Control of Your Privacy

Concerned about your online footprint? The Web Eraser empowers you to take control. Simply select text or an image on a webpage, and AI will identify and remove them from search results across the web (subject to website and search engine limitations).

Update 4: Quick Access Menu - Tailored to Your Needs

Long-pressing the "aA" button transforms into a dynamic menu powered by AI. It tailors options based on the webpage content, offering features like translation, text-to-speech, or adding the webpage to your reading list for later reference.

ios 18 ai features

3. AI feature updates: additional built-in apps

Update 1: Apple Music

"Personalized Recommendations" powered by AI take your music discovery to a new level. Siri analyzes your listening habits and suggests new artists and genres you might enjoy.

ios 18 ai features

Update 2: iWork

AI-powered "Smart Templates" personalize document creation. Based on your chosen template and content, AI suggests relevant formatting, charts, and visuals to enhance your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

ios 18 ai features

Update 3: Spotlight

The search bar gets smarter! AI understands the context of your search queries and surfaces relevant results across your device, including apps, contacts, notes, and even web searches.

ios 18 ai features


Above, we've outlined the iOS 18-supported models and their new AI-driven features. We're eagerly anticipating the official release of iOS 18, as it promises to deliver an enhanced user experience!