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150+ Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-06-16

Cousins are the best friends you didn't have to choose. They're the partners in crime, the keepers of family secrets, and the source of countless laughs. When it comes to sharing your cousin moments on Instagram, having the perfect funny caption can make your posts even more memorable. Whether it's an epic selfie, a throwback moment, or a family gathering, these funny captions will bring a smile to everyone's face and highlight the unique bond you share with your cousins.

Part 1:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Epic Selfies

Cousins by blood, best friends by choice.

Selfie game strong, cousin bond stronger.

When life gives you cousins, take epic selfies.

Too glam to give a damn, especially with my cousin.

Double trouble in one frame.

Cousins who slay together, stay together.

Selfies with cousins: the best kind of memories.

Cousin crew: no filter needed.

Two peas in a pod, taking epic selfies.

Cousin selfie game: unmatched.

Making memories with my selfie partner-in-crime.

Cousin love in every frame.

Cousins and selfies: a perfect match.

Epic selfies with the best cousin ever.

Selfies are better with cousins.

Part 2:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Throwback Moments

Throwback to when we were cute and innocent. Just kidding.

Cousins: proof that childhood was awesome.

Rewinding to the good old days with my cousin.

Throwing it back with my favorite partner in crime.

From kids to best friends, some things never change.

Remember when we were young and wild? Still are.

Throwback to our coolest cousin moments.

Childhood memories with the best cousin ever.

Old memories, new laughs.

Cousins then, partners in crime now.

We didn't know it then, but those were the days.

Throwing it back to simpler times with my cousin.

Back when we thought we were cool (we still are).

Throwback to the days of fun and mischief.

Childhood memories and cousin love.

Part 3:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Quarantine Shenanigans

Quarantine got nothing on us.

Social distancing but still making memories with my cousin.

Quarantine shenanigans with my favorite cousin.

When life gives you quarantine, make cousin time.

Quarantine and cousin bonding: a perfect combo.

Stuck at home, but never stuck in boredom with my cousin.

Quarantine: bringing cousins closer together.

Making the most of quarantine with my cousin.

Cousin time is the best time, even in quarantine.

Quarantine laughs and cousin love.

Turning quarantine into cousin time.

Who needs outside when you have your cousin?

Quarantine buddies for life.

Making quarantine fun with my cousin.

Cousins + quarantine = endless fun.

Part 4:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Inside Jokes

You wouldn't get it—cousin inside joke.

Our humor is an acquired taste.

Cousins: masters of the inside joke.

Laughing at our own jokes since forever.

Inside jokes: our secret cousin language.

Only my cousin understands my weirdness.

Inside jokes that only cousins would understand.

If you know, you know.

Cousin code: speak in inside jokes.

Our inside jokes are top secret.

Inside jokes: because no one else gets us.

Cousins: partners in crime and inside jokes.

We laugh at things no one else understands.

Cousins and inside jokes: a perfect pair.

Our inside jokes are legendary.

Part 5:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Big Family Fun

Big family, bigger fun.

Family time is the best time, especially with cousins.

Big family gatherings = big cousin fun.

The more, the merrier with cousins.

Family gatherings are more fun with cousins.

Big family, big love, big laughs.

Cousin chaos at family gatherings.

Big family, big memories.

Family gatherings are a blast with cousins.

Big family fun with my favorite cousins.

More cousins, more fun.

Big family love with my cousins.

Family gatherings are the best with cousins.

Big family, bigger memories.

Cousins make big family gatherings fun.

Part 6:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Hilarious Memories

Cousins: making hilarious memories together.

Laughter is the best memory maker.

Hilarious moments with my cousin.

Our funniest memories are with each other.

Cousins make the best memories.

Laughing through life with my cousin.

Hilarious memories and cousin love.

Making funny memories with my cousin.

Cousins: the creators of the funniest memories.

Our funniest moments are with each other.

Cousin love and hilarious memories.

The best memories are the funniest ones.

Laughter and cousin love make the best memories.

Cousins: making life funnier.

Hilarious memories with my favorite cousin.

Part 7:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Crazy Adventures

Crazy adventures with my cousin.

Adventures are better with cousins.

Cousin adventures: the best kind of crazy.

Life is an adventure with my cousin.

Crazy times with my partner in crime.

Cousins make the best adventure buddies.

Our adventures are always wild and crazy.

Crazy adventures with my favorite cousin.

Adventuring through life with my cousin.

Cousin adventures: always epic.

The best adventures are with cousins.

Cousins: the ultimate adventure partners.

Crazy adventures and cousin love.

Our adventures are legendary.

Adventures are better with cousins by your side.

Part 8:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are more fun with cousins.

Cousins make family gatherings memorable.

The best part of family gatherings: cousins.

Family gatherings are always a blast with cousins.

Cousin time at family gatherings.

Family gatherings wouldn't be the same without cousins.

Cousins make family gatherings extra special.

Family gatherings are the best with cousins.

The fun never ends at family gatherings with cousins.

Cousin love at family gatherings.

Family gatherings + cousins = endless fun.

Cousins make family gatherings unforgettable.

The best memories are made at family gatherings with cousins.

Family gatherings are more fun with cousin shenanigans.

Cousins make family gatherings the best.

Part 9:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Unbreakable Bonds

Cousins: our bond is unbreakable.

Unbreakable bond with my cousin.

Cousin love is forever.

Our cousin bond is stronger than anything.

Cousins: forever connected.

Unbreakable bond and cousin love.

Our cousin bond is unbreakable.

Cousin love is unbreakable.

Stronger together: cousins forever.

Cousins: bonded for life.

Unbreakable bond with my favorite cousin.

Cousin love and unbreakable bonds.

Our cousin bond is forever.

Cousins: stronger together.

Unbreakable bonds and cousin love.

Part 10:Cousins Funny Captions for Instagram for Silly Moments

Cousins and silly moments: the best combo.

Our silliest moments are the best.

Silly times with my cousin.

Cousins make the best silly moments.

Silly moments with my favorite cousin.

Our cousin bond is full of silly moments.

Laughing at our silliest moments.

Cousins: partners in silly moments.

Silly moments and cousin love.

Cousins make life fun and silly.

Our silliest moments are with each other.

Cousin love and silly moments.

Silly times are the best times with my cousin.

Laughing at our silly cousin moments.

Cousins and silly moments: forever.


Cousins are a treasure, bringing joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories to our lives. Whether you're capturing epic selfies, reliving throwback moments, or sharing silly antics, these funny captions will perfectly complement your Instagram posts. Celebrate the unique bond you share with your cousins and let the world see the special moments that make your relationship one of a kind.