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AI Auto-Summarization in iOS 18: What to Expect

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-06-06

Apple is set to revolutionize how we interact with notifications and content with iOS 18. The tech giant is introducing an auto-summarization feature, leveraging advanced AI to enhance user experience. What to expect from iOS 18 includes innovations in summarizing notifications, articles, and more. This feature aims to save time and streamline information consumption, making iOS 18 a game-changer.

Apple Unveils AI-Powered Auto-Summarization Feature in iOS 18

Improved Image Editing with Generative AI

Apple's iOS 18 will see the integration of generative AI for improved image editing capabilities. Users can expect seamless editing experiences, where AI suggests enhancements and corrections. This feature is set to rival Google Gemini and other third-party products.

AI-Powered Transcription and Summarization for Notes

Notes app in iOS 18 will get a significant upgrade with AI-powered transcription and summarization. This means that voice memos and written notes can be automatically transcribed and summarized, making it easier to manage and review content. This feature highlights what apps does Apple use for Word documents and enhances productivity.

AI in Math Notes: Creating Graphs and Solving Equations

Another exciting addition in iOS 18 is AI integration in Math Notes. Users will be able to create graphs and solve equations effortlessly, thanks to AI-driven tools. This aligns with what to expect from iOS 18, providing a powerful tool for students and professionals alike.

Apple's AI vs. Google Gemini and Other Third-Party Products

With iOS 18, Apple is not just catching up but aiming to surpass competitors like Google Gemini. The AI capabilities in iOS 18 promise to deliver a more intuitive and efficient user experience, particularly with the new auto-summarization feature.

Additionally, Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool , such as the AI Book Summary Generator and AI Math Problem Solver, offer advanced solutions for summarizing text and solving math problems. These tools demonstrate the growing potential of AI to simplify complex tasks, further emphasizing the competitive landscape in AI technology.


Apple's iOS 18 is poised to introduce transformative features, particularly the auto-summarization feature. This innovation is part of what to expect from iOS 18, aimed at improving productivity and user experience. With advancements in AI, including transcription, summarization, and enhanced editing tools, iOS 18 will set a new standard for mobile operating systems. Stay tuned to see how iOS 18 redefines our interaction with technology.


What is Summary Notification on iPhone?

The new summary notification on iPhone feature will allow users to receive concise summaries of their notifications. This will help users quickly get the gist of their alerts without wading through every detail, enhancing the overall user experience.

What is the Apple App That Makes Presentations?

In addition to auto-summarization, iOS 18 is expected to improve other productivity tools. What is the Apple app that makes presentations will see enhancements, making it easier to create and share presentations directly from your iPhone.