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Top 6 Summarise Text Online in 2024: Analyze & Compare the Best AI

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-02-03

Summarising long pieces of text can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are now great online tools that can make summarizing texts a breeze. In this article, we will focus on the best 6 free sites to summarize text online in 2024. The summarisation tools offered here handle blogs, articles, research papers, and many other types of documents. They highlight the main points purposing to provide an overview concisely.

The features of every text summarizer are compared in terms of accuracy, speed, word limits, and supported formats. Read more to find out which is the best free content summarizer for your particular needs be it maximization of efficiency or ensuring high accuracy. You can cut down hours spent on reading by using a suitable tool to summarize lengthy texts quickly and extract key information.

Part 1: Benefits of Using a Text Summarizer Tool

Here are some of the benefits of summarising text online:

  • Saves your time - Automatically condenses long documents rather than spending hours summarizing manually.
  • Highlights key points - Text summarizers analyze the text to identify the most salient points and information.
  • Great for busy schedules - If you don't have time to read full documents or articles, summarizers provide a concise overview.
  • Perfect starting point - The summarization provides a short overview of a long text, acting as a helpful head start before deeper reading.
  • Convenient and efficient - Automates the laborious process of summarizing blocks of text, freeing up your schedule.

Part 2: Tenorshare AI: Powerful Summarise Text Online for PDF

The accuracy, speed, and text-to-speech capabilities of Tenorshare AI are what differentiate it from others in summarizing PDF files online using AI automatically. The tool makes absorbing and analyzing long PDF content far more efficient.

Tenorshare AI is an online powerful PDF summary tool that employs artificial intelligence to evaluate documents and emphasize the most important elements.


Here are some of the features of this Tenorshare summarise AI PDF tool:

  • Accurate summarization - Carefully extracts key details and main points from PDFs through AI analysis.
  • Comprehensive overviews - Summaries include vital details, arguments, and context beyond just basics.
  • Clear and concise language - Easy to digest summaries in clear, readable language.
  • Fast processing - Quickly analyzes lengthy PDFs and generates summaries efficiently.


Here is how to summarise text online with just one click:

Step 1. Go to Tenorshare AI and Upload your PDF file.

upload your pdf file

Step 2. Create a free account on the Tenorshare AI Chat PDF tool.

create and log in to your account

Step 3. Now use the chatbox on the right side of the document to ask AI to summarize the text from your PDF document.

chat with pdf and ask questions

Part 3: Notta: Summarize, Transcript, Translate

Notta is a leading AI-powered online tool for transcribing, summarizing, and extracting action items from speech. With customizable templates and integration directly into popular video conferencing platforms, Notta aims to maximize productivity by quickly delivering the key details from verbal communication. It is the best tool to summarise text online.


Here is how to summarise AI using Notta:

Step 1. Login or create a free Notta account.

 create a free notta account

Step 2. Import meeting recordings via the dashboard.

import material

Step 3. Notta transcribes the speech automatically with AI.

notta transcribes the speech

Step 4. Click the transcript title and select a template.

select a template

Step 5. Notta generates a summary with bullet points, chapters, action items, etc.

notta generates

Step 6. Copy and paste the summary text where needed.

copy and paste the summary text

Part 4: Semrush AI Summarizer

Semrush offers a free online text summarizer that uses artificial intelligence to quickly analyze articles, paragraphs, or other text and identify the most salient points. It condenses lengthy content down into concise overviews in seconds. It is simple to summarise text online using Semrush.


Here is how to use summarise AI Semrush:

Step 1. Copy and paste text for summarization into the input box.

copy and paste the text

Step 2. Select the desired summary length.

Step 3. Choose a paragraph or bullet point format.

Step 4. Click "Summarize" to automatically generate the summary.

click summarize

Step 5. Use the summarizer as many times as needed.

Part 5: AI Summarizer

The AI Summarizer is a free online tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze text and reduce it down to key points. It works for various content types including essays, articles, and blog posts. It is the best tool to summarise text online.


Here is how to summarise AI text using AI Summarizer:

Step 1. Pasting or uploading text in the input box.

pasting or uploading text

Step 2. Verifying you are human via ReCaptcha.

Step 3. Clicking "Summarize Now".

summarize now

Step 4. Downloading or copying the generated summary.

Step 5. Clearing the box to summarize additional text.

Part 6: BooksAI: Deep Dive into Summarizing Books

BooksAI leverages AI to provide book summaries and personalized recommendations. Its database contains over 40 million summaries generated by ChatGPT, offering concise overviews of key ideas and themes from books. You can summarise text online on your phone using this App. BooksAI is a specialized tool for book lovers wanting easily digestible overviews and recommendations powered by AI.


Here is how this app’s summarise AI feature works:

Step 1. Searching for a book summary by title or author.

book summary

Step 2. Reading the AI-generated summary for the key book details.

 book summary results

Step 3. Using BooksAI's recommendations to discover similar book suggestions.


Now, in 2024, there is no need for one to spend hours on end trying to summarize a lengthy article, document, book, or other text. AI advancements have automated its summarization process through online tools that are highly efficient. The likes of Tenorshare AI, Notta, Semrush, and BooksAI are all powered by sophisticated algorithms capable of intelligently scanning a text and pinpointing the most important elements as explained in this article.

Key capabilities like accurately preserving context, flexible output formats, and integration with digital formats give users customizable and efficient summarization. Whether you need to summarize books, PDFs, meetings, academic papers, or web content, using one of these top summarise text online tools saves considerable time and effort. Plus handy features like summary downloads, text-to-speech abilities, and recommendation engines provide additional user value. We recommend you use the Tenorshare AI Chat PDF tool because it is simple and easy to use.