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15 Best AI For Writing Research Papers in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-18

Writing a research paper requires extensive effort and research skills. You have to read many other scholarly articles, go through different studies and spend much time finding, collecting and arranging the relevant data and compiling them into a useful form. This sounds doable if you have plenty of time, but what if the deadline approaches and you fail to complete your research paper? This is where you need AI for writing research papers**.

The AI paper writing tools use artificial intelligence to assist you in writing research papers with increased accuracy and enhanced efficiency. Using these tools, you can achieve more in less time.

Improved Efficiency

Reading, comprehending and collecting useful information from the available resources requires much time, energy and focus. Most of these resources are comprised of 100s of pages of text and diagrams. In this regard, the AI research paper writers can help you summarize the reference material as well as format your research papers.

Summarization Tools: Summarize Large Amounts of Research Materials

1. Tenorshare AI PDF

Tenorshare AI PDF tool is a text summarization tool that generates comprehensive summaries of the uploaded documents within a few seconds. This tool uses AI to extract insights from the uploaded resources and simplify them.

You can also ask questions from this tool to extract the required information.

  • AI-powered data extraction: You can upload a PDF and ask questions in a chat-like interface. The AI will then find the relevant information within the document and answer your questions.
  • Summarization: If you have a long PDF, Tenorshare AI PDF can generate a concise summary of the key points, saving you time on reading the entire document.
  • Free plans available: There's a free version with limitations (3 PDFs per day, 30 pages each)

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2. SciSpace Copilot

The SciSpace Copilot analyzes research papers and generates summaries with key points and citations. It is a versatile tool for reading scientific publications and conducting systematic literature reviews. You can use this tool to summarize, compare and extract useful insights from multiple scientific papers.

 ai for writing research papers 2

This amazing AI research assistant helps you find numerous research articles on niche-specific topics as well as allows you to ask questions to identify any gaps in literature or extract information.

Try SciSpace Copilot.

3. Quillbot Summarizer

This is one of the best AI for writing papers as it condenses the text while maintaining its meaning. Quillbot summarizer saves much of the researcher's time by helping them paraphrase sentences, paragraphs or other research articles. It enables the research writer to state similar theories in different words or styles.

ai for writing research papers 3

Besides paraphrasing, you can use Quillbot Summarizer to generate summaries with accurate information while choosing tone and language. Moreover, this tool can generate citations for your research paper, saving up some more time.

Try Quillbot Summarizer .

AI Assistants for Formatting and Referencing

4. Paperpal

Paperpal offers a suite of features including automatic reference formatting and in-text citation suggestions. This AI tool helps you enhance the readability and navigation of your research paper. Using Paperpal, you can get suggestions on the tone, style, grammar and formatting of the document. You can generate high-quality content with refined fluency.

ai for writing research papers 4

In addition to a free online tool, it offers an MS Word plugin that you can integrate and enhance your content quality on the go. With Paperpal, you can translate your text into 25+ foreign languages to make your research work more accessible.

Try Paperpal.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is an amazing AI research writing tool that helps you find bibliographies in various academic styles and helps format research papers. With this tool, you can enhance the content quality and optimize it for search engines.

ai for writing research papers 5

Writesonic offers a suite of AI tools to assist you in generating unique, well-researched and well-written research papers.

Try Wordsonic.

6. Jenni AI

Another AI tool for managing the formatting and references in your research papers, Jenni AI is an all-in-one tool for researching, writing, optimizing and citing the research articles. It allows you to format your references in different academic styles, saving time and lessening your efforts. You can also check your writings for plagiarism and rewrite them using Jenni AI.

ai for writing research papers 6

Jenni AI can enhance the overall tone of academic papers and even generate undetectable content with its AI writing assistant. It is a highly reliable tool for improving your research papers, writing skills or in-text citations.

Try Jenni AI .

Enhanced Writing Quality

Besides improving efficiency, AI research paper writing tools can enhance content quality by suggesting better word alternatives, highlighting grammar and spelling errors, and maintaining the tone.

Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a well-known tool that uses AI and advanced algorithms to detect grammatical mistakes and plagiarism in your content. After writing the content, you can copy and paste it into Grammarly, and it will highlight the problems and suggest their alternatives. It allows you to ignore or accept the changes as per your preference.

ai for writing research papers 7

Moreover, you can install Grammarly Add-ons on your system and check your document in real time. Its super-efficient plagiarism detector compares your writing with millions of online resources to ensure its uniqueness.

Try Grammarly.

8. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid provides in-depth grammar and style checks for better text quality. It reports overused words, low readability, pronoun and passive usage and inconsistent sentence structure. This AI for writing research papers can be used to eliminate errors and analyze different writing styles.

ai for writing research papers 8

In addition to the grammar and tone checker, ProWritingAid also offers tools for finding the inspiration for your next writing. Moreover, this tool integrates with all the online and desktop apps.

Try ProWritingAid .

9. Wordvice AI

Wordivce is an AI writing assistant that enhances language precision. It ensures the clarity and correctness of a research paper with advanced proofreading tools. This tool explains the found errors and suggests what changes should be made to the documents.

ai for writing research papers 9

Being an all-in-one text editing tool, Wordvice fixes grammatical errors and ensures text originality with its free paraphrasing and summarizing features.

Try Wordvice.

AI Suggestion for Relevant Citations and Phrasing

10. Paperpal Copilot

Paperpal Copilot is the best AI assistant recommending relevant citations and rephrasing sentences for better readability while maintaining an academic tone. Its GenAI technology is trained on scholarly articles to help you find the relevant content and citations easily.

ai for writing research papers 10

You can use this tool to rewrite, generate or ask questions to brainstorm ideas.

Try Paperpal Copilot.

11. Quillbot

Quillbot offers a paraphrasing tool to rewrite sentences without changing the tone. This AI research paper writer allows you to choose how much vocabulary to change and replace repeated words from a list of synonyms.

ai for writing research papers 11

You can incorporate Quillbot with your favorite writing tools like MS Word or Docs. Its Add-ons help you improve fluency, clarity, and vocabulary.

Try Quillbot.

12. WordAI

WordAI is an intelligent writer that generates human-like content with the help of existing blogs and other resources. The generated content successfully passes the AI detector, but its uniqueness depends on the chosen settings.

ai for writing research papers 12

This tool allows you to get multiple versions of the same article in different tones and styles.

Try WordAI.

Brainstorming and Organization

While writing research papers, brainstorming about the topic and organizing the content are among the biggest challenges. However, you can always use AI to take care of this while focusing on other crucial tasks.

13. Casper AI

Casper AI is a Google extension that summarizes research articles, creates content and shares insights with stakeholders. It helps you brainstorm ideas by providing the gist of any web page or PDF.

ai for writing research papers 13

You can use Casper AI to accelerate your research writing project by simplifying the workflow.

Try Casper AI.

14. Jasper AI

Although Jasper AI is still under development for research papers, it offers brainstorming features to help you generate initial ideas and research questions. Moreover, it provides built-in templates for different writing styles.

 ai for writing research papers 14

You can access Jasper AI on the browser or integrate it with other tools.

Try Jasper AI.

15. Elicit

Elicit uses advanced machine learning algorithms to help you find useful resources and brainstorm ideas. It assists you in organizing the data in tabular form, making it more approachable.

ai for writing research papers 15

With Elicit, you can also summarize articles and synthesize your findings.

Try Elicit.

Limitations of AI for Research Papers

  • Originality: AI cannot think and pick ideas from a limited knowledge base, reducing content originality.
  • Accuracy: AI tools can commit mistakes, so the need for proofreading is still crucial.
  • Limited Creativity: AI may fail to create unique writing styles or innovative content.

Although AI makes your life easier by providing extensive features for writing and researching, you should use AI writing tools efficiently. Always proofread and fact-check the AI-generated content while testing it for plagiarism and grammar errors.


To write research papers, AI writing assistants can be used to gather relevant information and check the content for mistakes. In this article, we have listed out 15 best AI tools for writing research papers . Different tools serve different purposes and contribute to better research papers with increased readability and accurate information.