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Where & How To Create Your Own Pokemon [Updated]

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-03-29

You are coming from the realm of wonder! Does the entity of me developing my own Pokemon games sound too good to be true for you? Making your very own Pokemon will be an inspiring event for everyone, regardless of whether you are an experienced user or inadequate in your drawing skills.

This article includes where and how to create your own pokemon characters using the number of online websites provided. The possibilities are endless as you can choose to improve their abilities and give them a storyline that will interest the reader.

Part 1. Can I Create My Own Pokemon?

Could you believe it? You actually can come up with your own Pokemon! Through fan art, fan games, and various fan initiatives, fans can develop a character of their own or its additional lore. However, the official Pokemon property is in the hands of Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company.

Your imagination is the major challenge you encounter while executing your artistic abilities and bringing your Pokemon concepts to life, irrespective of whether it is through writing, drawing, or digital designs. Hence, here is the stage where you get to build the ultimate Pokemon of your own with an added layer of creativity and fun.

Part 2. What is the Website Where You Can Make Your Own Pokemon?

Here are some splendid websites discussed that are responsible to create your own pokemon effectively.

1. Artguru.Ai

Based on their Pokemon pattern, Artguru.Ai employs AI software to generate Pokemon variations that users can easily create. Thus, this straightforward website will allow you to create your own pokemon fusion characters in varying colors, forms, positions, and backgrounds.


  • An AI-powered Pokemon generation technique can be obtained from Artguru.Ai
  • One of the features is that Pokemon, against all odds, makes the color gamut as mind-numbing change as possible, maybe with different curves and characteristics.
  • Fans will enjoy the ability to create unique sprites for their own Pokemon instantaneously.
  • Using this website, you can set new backgrounds and change the position or emotion of Pokemon.
  • It offers a guiding tool so everyone, from novices to experts, can utilize it effectively.

2. Pokecardmaker

The online website that allows you to create your own pokemon character cards, which you can write yourself and customize, is Pokecardmaker. Users could create sophisticated cards with configurable templates containing features of chosen Pokemon artwork, stats, and abilities. For Pokemon fans and collectors, the site gives a chance to experience to create your own pokemon region and Card kinds.


  • An online website that allows designing personalized Pokemon cards through Pokecardmaker is simple.
  • Two features elaborate on this. You can choose how you want to look up the Pokemon's information by deciding which stats, powers, and artwork you want to use.
  • There are a lot of different types of Pokemon and cards that you can pick in this game.
  • Players can save and exchange their Pokemon cards with friends in digital form.

3. Cohesive

Cohesive provides an AI picture generator to help you create your own pokemon card template. The users may characterize what attributes the original designs may have, including kind, color scheme, or traits. Creating a distinct Pokemon sprite isn't difficult, thanks to the interface guided by AI tools and algorithms.


  • An AI-powered picture generator that allows for creating Pokemon art is what Cohesive dot.
  • The feature lies in creating new Pokemon images by matching user specifications.
  • bUsers can designate features, color palettes, and other desirable characteristics.
  • The application uses AI algorithms to produce high-quality Pokemon sprites.

4. Nokemon

There is an Internet website called Nokemon that lets you create your own pokemon region map online. From very simple to advanced sprite effects and its easy-to-use sprite editor, Nokemon Creator will let you quickly create your own pokemon app with its wide range of editing tools. People who made Pokemon can export the final sprites for use in other projects as their artworks or games.


  • On the other hand, an online website users use is Nokemon to edit Pokemon sprites.
  • With it being one of the features, a sprite editor can be found that allows you to design your own Pokemon.
  • Pokemon can be customized by users, allowing them to change the size, shape, and color of the Pokemon.
  • The program includes all the options, such as text editions or special effects, to design unique items.


An AI-curated Pokemon deck on offers random Pokemon designs according to user-predetermined choices. People may do that due to various possibilities of customization, which may come with a selection of kinds, color schemes, and skills, which, in turn, allow the creation of a whole variety of unique and thrilling Pokemon species.


  • has a tool to help you create your own pokemon generator of characters created by AI.
  • For instance, the functionality of designing random fantasy characters with their distinguishable features is one of the properties.
  • Players can also indicate their feelings on attributes such as powers, color scheme, and genre.
  • No restrictions are imposed on you; you can only use your imagination to design fresh and creative Pokemon species with this website.
  • It gives a fun and quick design of the original Pokemons.

Part 3. People Also Ask about Create Your Own Pokemon

Q1. What is the rarest Pokemon card?

Due to only a few dozen others being born, the Pikachu Illustrator card is the rarest Pokemon card. The award was announced on the 13th of November 1998 as the prize for the winners of the Japanese illustration contest. Collectors look good because of their rarity and their excellent design.

Q2. Is it illegal to make fake Pokemon cards and sell them?

In the meantime, fabricating and marketing fake Pokemon cards is illegal. Since The Pokemon Company owns all creativity linked with Pokemon, including copyrights and trademarks, counterfeit Pokemon cards violate intellectual property rights and infringe on their rights.

Final Words

To conclude, for those who love the popular series, about to create your own pokemon, which is nothing short of a gateway to the realms of imagination and inspiration. Fans have an infinite number of sites on the internet they can use to create custom-made Pokemon cards, sprites, and characters and to express their brightest ideas.

Laws that permit the culture of creativity within certain limitations will always allow fans to discover and add to the calculations of the globe of Pokemon. Let your imagination fly to create your own pokemon online, designing your desires safely. Free your imagination and let it run amok!