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[Detailed] Top 8 Document Data Extraction Software in 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2023-12-15

With the vast amount of data and documents companies handle daily, manually extracting relevant information is hugely time-consuming and inefficient.

Document data extraction software provides an automated solution to harvest desired data points from various document types and formats to use for other business purposes.

Whether you need to pull out keywords, entities, metrics, or other specifics, data extraction tools eliminate tedious manual review and data entry.

In this article, we compare eight top options for intelligent document processing solutions based on features, accuracy, scalability, integrations, pricing, and more. Let’s explore the leading data extraction software to determine which choice best fits your business needs and budget.

Part 1:What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the process of pulling relevant information from existing data sources like databases, spreadsheets, websites, and documents. It transforms raw, unstructured data into organized, structured formats for analysis and reporting.

By extracting specific data points and arranging them into readable tables or datasets, data extraction enables businesses to efficiently generate insights from large volumes of data.

Whether creating customer reports, feeding information to other systems, or consolidating data from multiple locations, data extraction eliminates manual copying and prepares data for business use.

Part 2:Why Do You Need Data Extraction Tools?

Data extraction tools have become essential for organizations managing exponentially growing data. The 11.8% annual growth of the $2.14 billion data extraction market shows the increasing necessity of these solutions.

Firms now collect 42% more data year-over-year across customers, sales, social media, products, and more through pdf extraction software.

With data flooding in different formats, extraction tools help analysts efficiently gather, structure, and analyze information to drive better decisions as companies scale. Specifically, data extractors enhance:

  • Decision-making with insights derived from large datasets
  • Productivity by eliminating manual data wrangling
  • Accuracy by structuring data consistently
  • Agility by consolidating data from multiple silos

Part 3: How to Select the best Data Extraction Tool?

Prioritizing these key evaluation criteria will help you select a robust, secure, and future-proof data extraction platform tailored to your business needs. The right solution makes using and sharing data easier for analytics and daily operations.

Choosing the right data extraction tool depends on several key factors:

  • Ensure the tool complies with essential security standards and regulations for your industry. It should provide robust protection for sensitive extracted data.
  • The ability to retain critical metadata from source files is vital, including timestamps, authors, formatting, and more. This maintains data integrity.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems like document management, ERP, BI tools, and more maximizes the value of extracted data across your tech stack.
  • With remote and mobile work on the rise, the tool should work across operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android to support BYOD environments.
  • As data volumes grow, the extraction tool must scale up to handle increasing workloads efficiently now and into the future.

Part 4: 8 Best Document Data Extraction Software 2024

SoftwareKey FeaturesProsCons
Tenorshare AI-PDFAI-powered PDF summarization, Direct document queryingTime savings, Increased productivityLimited customization options
Import.ioEmail data extraction, Custom web scrapingAutomates data collection, Scales workflowsLimited integrations
ParseurEmail and attachment parsing, Customizable extractionIntelligent interpretation, Large-scale processingLimited for web scraping
NanonetsBroad data source connectivity, Advanced AI/ML parsingScalable extraction, Rapid automationSteep learning curve
RossumAI OCR, Adaptive machine learningTime savings, High precisionNo smartphone app
DocsumoBroad file format support, Automated workflowsUnlocks insights, Increases productivityMore limited free trial
OctoparseIntuitive interface, Scheduled workflowsEasy for non-coders, AffordableAdvanced customization needs coding
Hevo DataNo-code data integration, 100+ source connectorsSimple for non-technical users, Updated analyticsComplex pricing

1. Tenorshare AI -PDF Tool - Best PDF Data Extraction Software

pdf extraction software

Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool is an intelligent document extraction software that utilizes artificial intelligence to extract and summarize key data from PDF files.

With its user-friendly interface, this software makes it easy for anyone to upload a PDF document and receive a concise summary of the most relevant information.

Key features include accurate identification of critical details, clear and coherent summaries tailored to user needs, quick turnaround times, and the ability to directly query the document for specifics.

For rapidly grasping the essence of lengthy reports, research papers, legal contracts, and more, Tenorshare AI-PDF offers an efficient path to PDF productivity.

Key features

  • AI-powered PDF summarization
  • Fast, accurate data extraction
  • Direct document querying
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Support for uploading large files


  • Significant time savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced manual work


  • Limited customization options

2. Import. io Data Extractor - Best web scraping for e-commerce

pdf data extraction software

Import.io is an intelligent web data extraction tool optimized for ecommerce users. Harnessing advanced machine learning, it can rapidly scrape product details, pricing information, inventory data, and more from websites.

Key features include granular email extraction, flexible web scraping, document data parsing, competitive price tracking, and structured exports.

For online retailers, drop shippers, or marketplaces needing large volumes of clean, structured data, Import.io delivers automated workflows to scale otherwise manual processes.

With a generous free trial and tiered pricing plans, this pdf data extraction software makes web extraction accessible for early-stage or established ecommerce businesses.

Key Features

  • Email data extraction
  • Custom web scraping
  • Document parsing
  • Price monitoring
  • Structured data output


  • Automates data collection
  • Scales ecommerce workflows
  • Code-free setup


  • Limited integrations

3. Parseur Table Extractor - Best for extracting text from emails

data extraction software free

Parseur is an intelligent document data extraction solution specialized for high-volume email environments. Its AI-powered data extraction software free platform that can automatically interpret and extract text, tables, and other key details embedded in email bodies, attachments, and scanned documents.

With configurable parsing rules, database and app integrations, and easy automation workflows, Parseur expedites turning unstructured data from employee inboxes into actionable insights.

Key features include multi-format extraction, custom parsing fields, team collaboration tools, API and Zapier options. For rapidly unlocking productivity from email overload at scale, Parseur delivers speed, structure, and service.

Key Features

  • Email and attachment parsing
  • Customizable extraction fields
  • Automated scraping workflows
  • Cloud-based team collaboration
  • API and integration support


  • Intelligent document interpretation
  • Rapid large-scale processing
  • Improved productivity from emails


  • More limited for web scraping use cases

4. Nanonets - Best Data Extractor for businesses

ai data extraction software

Nanonets is an enterprise-grade data extraction platform leveraging advanced AI to liberate unstructured data at scale. Trusted by leading companies like P&G, Deloitte, and Toyota,

Nanonets can rapidly extract accurate information from documents, emails, websites, and databases via OCR, NLP, computer vision, and more.

It structures data for easy export, analysis, and integration with business systems like ERPs and CRMs. Key features include high-precision extraction, easy automation workflows, excellent support, best data extraction tools, and API/code-free set-up.

For pretty much any data integration need, Nanonets delivers the tools to eliminate manual processes and maximize the value of disparate data.

Key Features

  • Broad data source connectivity
  • Advanced AI/ML data parsing
  • Automatable workflows
  • Code-free setup
  • Enterprise-grade accuracy


  • Truly scalable extraction
  • Rapid automation across data types
  • Powerful integrations ecosystem


  • It can have a steep learning curve

5. Rossum - Best for optical character recognition(OCR)

data extraction tools

Rossum is an intelligent document processing platform optimized for automating data entry. It utilizes cutting-edge AI OCR technology to read text from scanned documents and handwritten notes as accurately as humans.

With its machine learning engine, Rossum continuously improves its document interpretation skills over time. Key features include 96% data accuracy, 82% time savings versus manual entry, easy set-up without rigid templates, an intuitive interface, and secure cloud infrastructure.

For scalable extraction that adapts to any document type, Rossum offers efficiency and precision out of the box to streamline workflows.

Key Feature

  • AI optical character recognition
  • Adaptive machine learning
  • 96% average accuracy
  • Template-free setup
  • Cloud-based SaaS


  • Massive time savings
  • High precision results
  • Easy for users of any skill level


  • No smartphone app available

6. Docsumo -Best for extracting data from unstructured document

document extraction software

Docsumo is an intelligent data capture platform specialized for unlocking insights from unstructured documents.

It leverages AI and machine learning to automatically interpret details in PDFs, scans, photos, emails, and even handwriting. Docsumo can then export extracted information directly into business systems like QuickBooks and Xero or databases for instant analytics.

Key features include robust file type support, customizable workflows, high accuracy, scalability, and easy integrations.

For rapidly automating manual data entry across invoices, receipts, forms and more, this AI data extraction software delivers the next generation of document processing tailored for accounting, finance and operations.

Key Features

  • Broad file format connectivity
  • Automated document workflows
  • Precision extraction accuracy
  • Seamless software integrations
  • Customizable parser fields


  • Unlocks hidden business insights
  • Increases department productivity
  • Enables real-time reporting


  • More limited free trial

7. Octoparse - Best for Easy Web Scraping for Anyone

best data extraction tools

Octoparse is a user-friendly web scraping tool optimized for beginners with no coding skills. Its intuitive click-based interface allows anyone to easily extract data from websites through automated scraping workflows without JavaScript.

Key features include step-recording automation, bulk site crawling, Excel and API connections for storing scraped data, plus scheduling and monitoring capabilities.

For bloggers, marketers, researchers and more who need to gather public information at scale, Octoparse makes web extraction simple and efficient. With a forever-free plan plus affordable paid tiers, it lowers the barrier to leveraging web data across use cases.

Key Features

  • Intuitive click-based interface
  • Recording and automation
  • Scheduled workflows
  • Excel and API connections
  • Generous free usage tier


  • Easy for non-coders
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable pricing


  • Advanced customization requires coding

8. Hevo -- Best for Data Unification

What is the best tool for extracting data from a PDF?

Hevo Data is an automated data pipeline platform built to simplify large-scale ETL across many sources and warehouses. With an intuitive, code-free interface, Hevo offers no-latency data syncing that keeps analytics continually up to date.

It brings together connections across 100+ data sources, including databases, SaaS tools, and cloud storage, to enable unified analysis. Key features include pre-built integrations, smart data transformations, error handling, scheduling, and monitoring.

For both high-growth startups and mature enterprises seeking analysis-ready data unification, Hevo provides scalable pipelines in minutes for driving business insights through reliable automation.

Key Features

  • No-code data integration
  • 100+ pre-built data source connectors
  • Automated transformation workflows
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Real-time data syncing


  • Simple even for non-technical users
  • Continuously updated analytics
  • Scalable across data volumes


  • Can have complex pricing

Part 5: Bonus Tip: How to Use the Best Data Extraction Tool -Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool

Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool is an intelligent document summarization solution that helps users rapidly distil key information from lengthy PDF files.

Its easy-to-use web interface allows simply uploading a PDF document to generate a concise summary highlighting the most salient points.

Key features include highly accurate extraction, readable summaries, batch uploading capability, and a chatbot to directly query documents for specifics.

For students, academics, legal and business professionals facing information overload, the Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool delivers speed reading for the digital age – unlocking efficiency through automation and AI.


  • AI-powered PDF summarization
  • Precise answers via document chatbot
  • Batch uploading up to 4 files
  • Clear, concise summaries
  • Free cloud-based access


  • Upload your PDF document(s).

    document data extraction software
  • Sign up to create your free account.

    pdf extraction software
  • Use the chatbot to directly ask questions about the document's content.

    pdf data extraction software
  • Review the automatically generated summary.

    data extraction software free
  • Export the summary text for further use.

FAQs about Document Data Extraction Software

Q1: What is the best tool for extracting data from a PDF?

One great option is Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool. It leverages AI technology to automatically identify and extract key data elements from PDF files, including text, tables, images, and more.

This can save huge amounts of time compared to manually copying and pasting data. Tenorshare's tool preserves the original formatting and is designed to be user-friendly, making PDF data extraction simple and efficient.

So, the Tenoshare AI PDF tool answers this common question: What is the best tool for extracting data from a PDF?

Q2: Which tool can automatically extract data and perform documentation?

Intelligent data extraction tools powered by AI and machine learning can automatically identify relevant data in documents and forms, extract that information, and collate it into formatted reports and documentation.

This eliminates the need for error-prone and time-intensive manual data entry and documentation processes.

Leading solutions can extract data from scanned paper documents, image files, and digital documents in seconds and catalogue relevant data into searchable sets for future use. The automated documentation also maintains original formatting and structure.

Q3: How do I extract data from a document?

AI-based data extraction software provides the most efficient means of extracting information from documents.

Simply feed the document files - including scanned papers, PDFs, images, and more - into the intelligent software tool.

Automated algorithms will analyze the files, identify relevant data, pull that information out, and compile it into structured formats like spreadsheets without any manual work needed.

These AI tools overcome traditional data extraction difficulties like scanning documents and manually typing out bits of information. It's fast and accurate, preserves the formatting, and extracts data instantly.

Final Words

Iintelligent data extraction software is transforming how businesses and individuals access and leverage data locked away in documents.

Powerful AI and machine learning tools now allow us to instantly convert files like forms, scanned papers, PDFs, images, and more into usable, actionable data with little to no manual effort.

Among these data extraction tools, Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool is the one that is easiest to use with a few clicks. It makes it easier for you to extract any information or data from your PDF document without having to read each page individually.