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AI Text-to-PowerPoint: Craft Stunning Slides in Minutes!

Author: Andy Samue | 2023-12-25

Presentations are a critical skill in the workplace and school, but creating a great one can be challenging. From choosing a topic to writing a script to designing slides, each step can take hours of time and effort.

The rise of text-to-PowerPoint AI technology offers a new solution for presenters. Simply enter your script or presentation outline into the AI tool, and it will automatically generate a beautiful PowerPoint presentation.

Ready to experience the magic? We here will introduce top 4 AI text to powerpoint generator and craft your masterpiece in minutes!

Part 1: How Do I Convert Text To PPT In AI With Chatgpt [Free Way]?

You can easily convert text to PPT AI using ChatGPT free of cost. Not many know that ChatGPT can generate PowerPoint slides with the help of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) codes. VBA is a programming language that enables you to automate repetitive tasks in various MS Office applications.

In order to convert AI text to PowerPoint, you just need to ask ChatGPT by giving the following prompt:

“Generate the VBA codes for PowerPoint presentation on [topic] and make it [number] slides.”

ChatGPT will automatically generate the codes. Input the codes in Visual Basic Editor in PowerPoint.

Once you get the VBA codes, copy them and follow the steps below:

  • Launch PowerPoint, go to the File menu, and click Options.

  • Now, select the Customize button, choose Main Tabs and enable the Developer option.

  • Go to the Visual Basic Editor interface by switching to the Developer tab and clicking Macros.

  • Click Insert Module, paste the code and hit the Play button.

    text-to powerpoint ai with chatgpt

All the text generated by ChatGPT will be converted into PowerPoint slides automatically.


  • Quick and automated generation of PowerPoint slides.
  • Utilizes free access to ChatGPT for code generation.


  • Dependent on the accuracy of the AI-generated code.
  • Limited customization without manual code adjustments.

For a smooth execution of the conversion process, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Familiarity with VBA will aid in comprehending and potentially customizing the generated code. Additionally, access to Microsoft PowerPoint is essential, with the Developer tab enabled to facilitate the integration of VBA code. An internet connection is also a prerequisite as it is required for interaction with the ChatGPT API, enabling the generation of accurate and contextually relevant VBA codes.

Part 2: How To Convert Text To Powerpoint With AI Text To Powerpoint Generator [Easy And Efficient]

This section will discuss the 3 best tools that automatically convert AI text to PowerPoint Presentation.


SlideSpeak Slidespeak.co is an AI tool that generates PowerPoint slides with the text from the uploaded PDFs and Word Documents.

  • Go to Slidespeak.co and click the Try Now button.

    use ai text to powerpoint generator slidespeak
  • Now, upload the PDF or any Word Document. You can also type/paste text.

    upload file
  • In the top-right corner, click the Generate Presentation button.

     generate presentation
  • Click Download PowerPoint to download the ppt file.

    convert text to powerpoint successfully


  • This software can save you time by automating the slide creation.
  • It can generate a framework for your presentation, so you do not have to start from scratch.
  • It can handle all types of files irrespective of their size.
  • Can create an initial draft of a presentation within seconds.
  • Easy customization of slides.
  • You will get a lot of themes and templates to enhance your documents.


  • You may need to make some edits before finalizing the presentation.
  • As compared to creating PPT manually, it provides limited customization.
  • This software cannot handle complex layouts and highly visual presentations.


  • $14 for premium access

2. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an official AI assistant that can convert text to PowerPoint most efficiently. It can help you create PowerPoint slides, notes and outlines using conversational prompts.

  • Go to Microsoft Copilot and click the Try in PowerPoint button.

    use microsoft copilot
  • Click on Copilot. Next up, in the top panel, click on the Designer button.

    click on designer
  • Now, select Create Presentation from file option.

     create presentation form file
  • Select the file you want to convert.

    choose the file to make text to ppt ai

After some processing, you will get a PowerPoint generated from Copilot.

make the presentation finally


  • You can easily handle complex layouts by using this software.
  • It is integrated into Office365 directly.


  • Office365 subscription is mandatory for this.
  • You can only create presentations from docx.
  • Unable to chat with files or documents.
  • This software is not available in all countries.


  • $9.99 per month for personal user


SlidesAI.io is an online text-to-presentation tool you can install as an extension in Chrome. It specifically creates presentations in Google Docs and can be useful for you if you use Google Suite.

  • Go to the SlidesAI website or Google Workspace Marketplace to download the SlidesAI.

     get the chrome of slidesai
  • Open Google Slides, click on the SlideAI extension, and click Generate Slides.

    Use ai text to powerpoint to make the powerpoint

  • Now, paste or enter the text in the text box.

    paste or enter the text here
  • Choose any presentation theme and customize the slides.

  • Click the Create Slides button to generate a presentation from the text.

    create slides with slidesai.io
  • Now, download the Presentation once it is ready.


  • Consists of a convenient text box for entering content.
  • It integrates into Google Slides directly.
  • Various themes and customization are available in it.


  • You can only work with Google Slides with this add-on.
  • Compared to the manual creation of slides, this software provides limited customization.
  • Exported presentation versions may require reformatting.


  • Pro — US $10/month
  • Premium — US $20/month

Part 3: Extra Tips. How To Chat With A PDF File And Get Instant Answers From PDF?

We've explored the magic of AI in transforming your text into dazzling presentations, but what if your content already resides in a dense, text-heavy PDF? Don't despair, savvy presenter! Enter Tenorshare AI PDF Tool, your new weapon to wield the power of AI on those often-daunting documents.

magine this: a PDF packed with valuable information, yet extracting key points and crafting a compelling narrative feels like scaling Mount Everest in flip-flops. Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool cuts through the tedium, offering a smarter, faster way to unlock the potential of your PDFs.

So, buckle up as we dive into the world of AI-powered PDF mastery with Tenorshare. Prepare to witness how this innovative tool can transmute your static PDFs into:

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Beyond Text: Go beyond basic reading. Understand the PDF's structure and relationships to enhance data extraction, summarization, and even redaction.


ChatGPT can create PowerPoint slides with the help of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) codes. Input the codes in Visual Basic Editor in PowerPoint and generate your content slides. You can also use other tools like SlideSpeak.co, SlidesAI.io, and Microsoft Copilot to generate PowerPoint slides within a few moments. All these tools are reliable for converting text to PowerPoint AI.

Moreover, we also suggested the best AI PDF reader tool, i.e., Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool, to comprehend your PDFs. It allows you to have conversations with your documents and find answers.