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How to use OpenAI Sora ai?

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-23

In an age where AI is revolutionizing the way we work and create, OpenAI has introduced a new tool known as Sora. But what is Sora all about, how does it operate and how can one use it effectively? This article provides a comprehensive guide about OpenAI's Sora and furnishes the answers to these pertinent questions.

Part 1. What is Sora About?

Sora is an AI-based tool developed by OpenAI that is designed to convert text inputs into videos. Whether you're creating promotional content or instructional guides, Sora is built versatile enough to handle it all. Sora is a step into the future, eliminating the complexities involved in video creation for individuals, companies, and content creators.

Part 2. How Does OpenAI's Sora Work?

CSora operates based on advanced AI algorithms, fused with internet-wide videos. The core functioning involves transformers that are extensively used in the AI community for such tasks. It analyzes the text provided, breaks it down into various segments, and processes on how each segment should be visually represented in the video. The overall aim is to facilitate visually engaging videos using the right animations, backgrounds, and text overlays that align with the input script.

Part 3. How to use OpenAI's Sora AI?

Using OpenAI's Sora for video generation is quite simple and involves these steps:

  • Draft a clear and detailed script: Your script should be precise and articulate. This guidance helps Sora to analyze and generate better and more engaging visuals.

  • Set up your aspect ratio: Based on the platform where your video will be shared, you can adjust the aspect ratios to standards like 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1.

  • Preview and edit: Once Sora generates the video based on your input and settings, analyze it. If deemed necessary, you can modify the content for re-generation or tweak the output by appending extra commands.

Part 4. OpenAI's Sora Release Date

The exact release date of OpenAI's Sora is not yet announced to the public. Nonetheless, the AI community eagerly awaits its arrival due to its potential capabilities in revolutionizing video content creation.


OpenAI's Sora offers a cutting-edge solution for transforming plain text into visually appealing videos. By understanding its functionality, anyone can harness its capabilities to their advantage. Despite the anticipation surrounding its release, OpenAI is yet to announce a concrete launch date for Sora. Nonetheless, the AI tool continues to spark excitement across industries for its potential in redefining the terrain of video content creation.