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iOS 18 New AI Features: What to Expect at WWDC 2024

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-06-07

A significant portion of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is expected to focus on AI features. Writing his latest "Power On" newsletter, Gurman explained that Apple's AI strategy emphasizes providing practical tools for ordinary users, with new features for core apps like Safari, Photos, and Notes. Apple will apparently use AI to deliver the following new features:

ios18 new ai feature

New AI Features in iOS 18

Photo Retouching

One of the standout features expected in iOS 18 is advanced photo retouching. Utilizing AI, users will be able to automatically enhance their photos with improved color correction, object removal, and touch-ups, making it easier to perfect images directly on their devices.

Voice Memo Transcription

Transcribing voice memos will become more seamless with iOS 18. Apple's AI will convert spoken words into text accurately, aiding users in capturing important information quickly and efficiently without manual typing.

Suggested Replies to Emails and Messages

AI-driven suggested replies will make responding to emails and messages faster. By analyzing the content of incoming communications, iOS 18 will offer contextually appropriate responses, saving users time and effort.

Auto-Generated Emojis

Adding a fun and personalized touch to messaging, iOS 18 will feature auto-generated emojis. Based on the content of a user's messages, this AI will create unique emojis for any occasion, expanding beyond the existing emoji catalog.

Improved Safari Web Search

Safari will benefit from AI enhancements, providing faster and more accurate web searches. This will make finding information on the internet quicker and more intuitive for users.

Faster and More Reliable Spotlight Searches

Spotlight searches on iOS 18 will be significantly improved. AI integration will ensure that searches are faster and results are more relevant, streamlining the process of finding apps, files, and information on the device.

More Natural Interactions with Siri

Siri will become even more conversational and responsive with iOS 18. Enhanced AI capabilities will enable more natural interactions, making Siri a more effective and user-friendly assistant.

Advanced Siri for Apple Watch

For Apple Watch users, Siri will be optimized for on-the-go tasks. The AI improvements will allow for more advanced and reliable voice commands, enhancing the overall utility of the smartwatch.

Smart Recaps

AI-powered smart recaps will help users stay informed and organized. iOS 18 will generate summaries of missed notifications, messages, web pages, news articles, documents, and notes, ensuring users don't miss important information.

Developer Tools for Xcode

Developers will benefit from new AI tools in Xcode. These tools will assist in creating more intelligent and efficient apps, leveraging AI to enhance functionality and user experience.

On-Device and Cloud-Based AI Processing

Apple's approach to AI in iOS 18 includes both on-device and cloud-based processing. AI features that require less processing power will run entirely on the device, ensuring privacy and faster performance. More demanding tools will operate via the cloud, balancing power and efficiency.

Beta Version and Privacy Focus

Apple is considering marketing many of its new AI tools as a "preview" in beta versions of iOS 18. This will allow users to test and provide feedback on these features before the official launch in September. Emphasizing privacy, Apple will highlight how AI processes sensitive data securely, maintaining user trust.


iOS 18 is set to revolutionize the user experience with its new AI features. From photo retouching and voice memo transcription to smart recaps and advanced Siri interactions, Apple's focus on practical AI tools promises to make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. As these features roll out, users can look forward to a more intelligent and intuitive iOS experience.