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[Top 4] Free AI Homework Helper That Helps Students with Homework Efficiently

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-15

If you’re a student and not already harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in your daily homework tasks, you’re missing out on a lot.

With an efficient AI homework helper, you can save time as well as boost the quality of your homework. These cutting-edge tools are designed to help you solve difficult math questions, write compelling essays, and a lot more.

Couldn’t wait to make your homework journey smoother and easier than ever before? Take a look at these 4 top-ranked AI homework tools and bid farewell to daily academic stress.

Top 1. Al Answer Generator: Scribe

The first Al answer generator on our list is Scribe. This tool takes care of the bulk of your homework and saves you from the hassle of answering complicated questions. Students can ask this AI to make tweaks and add headings, descriptions, and additional contexts to their answers.

The most remarkable trait of Scribe is guiding you on how to solve a particular problem. It presents a simple, step-by-step visualization of your homework tasks, so you can directly gather and write the relevant content.

Moreover, this Al answers questions with remarkable accuracy and attention to detail. It relies on AI to understand your workflow and generates texts and links to help you finish the work quickly.

Here are several top utilities of Scribe for students:

  • It acts as your virtual assistant, helping you how to solve a particular question.
  • It can create FAQs, how-to guides, SOPs, and support queries
  • With Scribe, you can turn any process into a visual guide for ease of understanding.
  • Students can record tasks to share with their colleagues.

Top 2. Best AI Summarizer: Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool

Do you have to deal with long PDF documents every day to complete your homework? Cheer up as Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool is your one-stop solution to summarize lengthy PDF documents within seconds.

For any student, reading PDF reports, articles, or research papers is a daily drill. Now, you no longer need to set aside hours to go through large PDF files to note down important points. Tenorshare AI handles it all for you, giving a concise summary of the PDF content in an easy-to-understand format.

In addition, you can ask any questions about the PDF content or tables and it will provide factual answers. All these features make it a go-to AI to help with homework in 2023. More strikingly, you won’t need more than a couple of minutes to get acquainted with its interface.

Below are a few reasons indicating why Tenorshare AI is the best AI homework helper for every student:

  • An efficient tool to get summaries of your PDF document.
  • Students can ask questions about PDF content to streamline their information.
  • Process multiple PDFs in one go.
  • It offers a convenient way to manage your PDF documents.
  • Provides easy customization options to make PDF management easier.

How to Use Tenorshare AI – PDF Tool?

Step 1. Start by uploading your PDF document.

upload pdf

Step 2. Log into your account to access the tool. If you're new to Tenorshare AI – PDF Tool, you can create a new account during this step.

chatgpt pdf reader

Step 3. Once logged in, start a conversation with your PDF by asking questions in the chat window. This interactive chat interface lets you interact with your PDF document and retrieve information seamlessly.

how to upload a pdf to chat gpt
How to upload a file to chat GPT

Top 3. AI-Writer: Writing

AI-Writer.com™ is a powerful tool that assists users in completing lengthy writing tasks with just a few clicks. It relies on advanced artificial intelligence to write full-length articles, essays, stories, or any piece of writing for you.

Compared to similar tools, AI-Writer generates fresh and natural text, with little to no plagiarism. Moreover, this AI makes sure you get up-to-date and relevant information. It also provides links and citations to help you verify the content for accuracy.

Students can also use this AI help with homework to find the right words for their writing content. And if have already got a piece of writing, this tool can spin the words to produce a whole new document without any duplicate content.

Some useful functions of AI-Writer include:

  • Ability to write full-length articles and reports from scratch.
  • Uses the latest online information to generate its writing content.
  • Provides a list of the citations to help students verify the content.
  • It can spin words to create a new text about the same topic.
  • Use this tool to get an idea about the most popular topics for your next writing task.
  • ai to help with homework

Top 4. AI- Note Taking: Click Up

ClickUp is another powerful AI that helps with homework for students of any level of study. It is an all-in-one project management tool that can keep all your homework-related tasks in one place. You can assign “Statuses” to assignments like Done, Not Started as well as set “Priorities” to different homework tasks based on their date of submission.

The program has a built-in writing assistant to help students write better notes, brainstorm creative ideas, and get more work done in less time. But its interface might seem complicated for most students, mainly because of the plenty of features it offers.

ClickUp can help you with:

  • Organize all your assignments in folders and groups.
  • Use Custom Fields to add extra details about the pending tasks like Check Box, Numerical Custom Field to track your grades, URLs, and so on.
  • Collaborate with your classmates on your ClickUp Workspace.
  • Edit and improve your text, make it more concise and free of grammatical errors.
  • ai that helps with homework

FAQs about AI homework helper in 2023

Before concluding, let’s go through a few useful questions related to AI homework helper.

1. What is the AI app that helps with homework in 2023?

Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool is the most useful tool for students. It gives you a quick summary of PDF documents to save your precious time and boost productivity. You can extract major points from lengthy PDFs within minutes to increase your understanding of the topic at hand.

2. What is the AI tool for writing articles?

There are countless AI programs that help you generate compelling articles from scratch. Among them, AI-Writer is one popular tool that offers a simple way to write complete articles, reports, essays, emails, or any piece of writing.


After reading this article, you now know the best AI homework helper tools in 2023. Whether you want to write articles, summarize PDFs, solve complicated homework tasks, or manage your assignments, this article has got you covered.

Of the 4 programs we discussed, Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool stands out. It is not a simple free AI homework helper, but a game changer. Students can summarize lengthy PDFs to complete hours-long assignments within minutes, with even better quality.