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iOS 18 New Safari AI Features Reportedly Coming

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-06-07

Quick look of safari AI features in upcoming iOS 18:

  • Intelligent Search: AI-powered tool summarizes key points of webpages.
  • Web Eraser: Remove unwanted sections of webpages permanently.
  • New Quick-Access Menu: Streamlined menu combines page tools and new features.

Get ready for smarter browsing! Safari in iOS 18 and macOS 15 is rumored to receive a significant AI upgrade. Leaked reports reveal features like "Intelligent Search" for on-page summarization and a "Web Eraser" tool for clutter-free browsing. Let’s see what’s the safari AI features on the upcoming iOS 18.

safari ai features

Intelligent Search Arrives: Safari's AI Revolution

Building on reports of a redesigned address bar menu consolidating page tools, leaks suggest an exciting addition -"Intelligent Search." This innovative feature, powered by on-device AI, analyzes webpages to identify key topics and phrases.

Leveraging this analysis, Intelligent Search generates summaries of the page content, allowing users to grasp the essence of an article without reading the entire webpage. While details remain unconfirmed, whispers suggest Apple is aiming to integrate Intelligent Search with the upcoming release of Safari 18, potentially revolutionizing the way users navigate and digest online content.

Web Eraser: Taking Control of Your Browsing Experience

Safari 18 is poised to empower users with a novel feature called "Web Eraser." This innovative tool addresses a common pain point - unwanted clutter on webpages. Web Eraser allows users to selectively remove specific sections of a webpage, such as intrusive ads, irrelevant images, or distracting elements. This functionality, already offered by some third-party ad blockers, is being integrated directly into Safari, providing a first-party solution for a cleaner browsing experience.

Notably, these changes persist - the erased elements remain hidden even upon revisiting the webpage, unless you choose to restore them. Web Eraser offers a powerful and convenient way to personalize your browsing experience and minimize distractions on the web.

Apple's move towards built-in ad blocking could disrupt the online advertising ecosystem, potentially jeopardizing the financial stability of many websites, including those that rely on ads to deliver valuable content.

Safari Streamlines Navigation: A Unified Quick-Access Menu

Safari 18 isn't just about smarter content consumption and cleaner browsing – it's also about streamlining user experience. Leaks point towards a redesigned "Quick-Access Menu" emerging from the address bar. This centralized hub consolidates existing page control tools, bringing functions previously found in the Share Sheet under one roof.

Additionally, the menu integrates the new features like "Intelligent Search" and potentially others. This unified approach simplifies navigation by providing users with easier access to all essential tools in a single, convenient location.

With the Quick-Access Menu, Safari 18 promises a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience.

Final words

The winds of change are blowing across Safari. Reports suggest a deeper alignment between the iPadOS and macOS versions, with new features currently being tested alongside internal builds of iOS 18 and macOS 15. This cross-platform focus could signify a more unified Safari experience across Apple's devices. We can expect the official unveiling of these safari AI features at Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in June.