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10 Best Data Extraction Software for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-01-13

In today's data-driven world, the ability to quickly and efficiently extract information from websites, documents, and databases is extremely valuable.

Whether you need to pull data for business analytics, research purposes, or any other use case, having the right web scraping and data extraction tools can save huge amounts of time and effort.

Now, many data extraction software free options offer intuitive graphical user interfaces that allow non-coders to scrape data with point-and-click ease. For developers, powerful web crawling frameworks and scraper APIs also exist.

In this guide, we explore the top 10 data extraction software for systematic reviews covering various capabilities and price points, and use cases to help you find the right solution for your needs.

With the capabilities of these feature-packed scrapers, extracting data no longer needs to be the painful manual process it once was.

Part 1: What is a Data Extractor?

A data extractor is a software program that allows users to pull out or "extract" targeted data from various digital sources and formats, such as websites, online databases, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Data extractors utilize technology like data scraping, APIs, OCR, and AI to identify and collect relevant data based on specified parameters.

The key benefit of using a data extractor is that it automates the process of gathering large amounts of structured data that would be extremely tedious and time-consuming to collect manually.

This enables users to get access to data they need faster in an organized digital format so it can be easily analyzed and integrated into other systems. Common uses include extracting pricing data, contact lists, article text, social media analytics, financial data, and more.

Part 2: The Top 10 Data Extraction Tools of 2024

1. Tenorshare AI -PDF Tool - PDF Data Extraction Software

ask questions with pdf summarizer ai online

Data extraction and analysis from PDF documents can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. Reading through hundreds of pages to find relevant information is not only exhausting but prone to missing key data.

Tenorshare pdf data extraction software aims to solve these PDF data extraction challenges through innovative AI capabilities. This tool fully automates the extraction process, saving tremendous manual processing time.

By uploading documents to Tenorshare's cloud platform, users can leverage machine learning algorithms to intelligently parse information.


  • Automated PDF summarization
  • Intelligent QA
  • Supports multiple documents
  • Multilingual support


  • Concise summaries of lengthy PDFs
  • Accurate answers from documents quickly
  • Handles up to 4 PDFs simultaneously
  • Supports various languages

2. Nanonets

Nanonets, the best Android data extraction software, provides a cutting-edge solution to these data extraction challenges through an intuitive no-code platform. Users can set up workflows to ingest documents and rapidly convert them to actionable data with little configuration.

Built on machine learning algorithms, Nanonets can accurately parse everything from invoices to claims documents with 97%+ precision.


  • Extracts data from PDFs, images, emails
  • No-code workflow automation
  • 97%+ data accuracy
  • Processes large volumes quickly


  • Easy to use
  • Fast information recognition
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free and paid plans


  • It can have lag and crashes

3. Docsumo

Docsumo, the best web data extraction software, overcomes data extraction challenges through an automated document processing platform powered by machine learning.

Users can instantly convert high volumes of business documents such as invoices, insurance claims, financial reports, and more into structured data ready for analysis.

As an end-to-end solution, Docsumo data extraction software captures documents and parses fields using advanced AI and integrates extracted data into databases and applications.


  • File capture automation
  • API integration
  • Customized workflows
  • Database exports
  • Industry compliance


  • Enhances data quality
  • Cuts cost via automation
  • Unified data
  • Complete solution


  • Expansion of services can be costly

4. Infrrd

Infrrd leverages big data analytics to help uncover patterns and insights from large unstructured datasets to assist data-driven marketing decisions.

Infrrd rapidly converts vast information pools into structured data primed for analytics by seamlessly processing everything from scanned documents to image repositories. Intelligent algorithms help uncover obscured patterns and relationships within complex datasets.

Users get an information foundation ready for predictive modeling, forecasting, marketing analytics, and more to inform both technology and business choices.


  • Reads data from scanned images
  • Recognizes patterns automatically
  • Derives intelligent insights
  • Provides recommendations


  • Finds information easily
  • Actionable insights
  • Leverages predictive analytics


  • No mobile integration

5. Rossum

Rossum’s software-as-a-service leverages machine learning to capture papers, identify document types, extract key fields, and route information to proper business systems like ERPs and CRMs based on customizable rules.

Integration capabilities also connect Rossum directly to databases. With Rossum, the entire document journey becomes streamlined - unlocking workflow efficiencies through precision data extraction and intelligent document understanding.


  • Extracts info from scanned docs
  • Converts papers to digital files
  • Combines recognition technologies
  • Central document hub


  • Cuts manual work
  • Workflow automation
  • Easily modified


  • Large files can crash the system

6. Capturefast

Capturefast utilizes AI to extract data from complex documents like PDFs and scanned files without needing coding. It transfers information to databases and apps to automate business processes.


  • Extracts PDF data to spreadsheets
  • Processes scanned docs
  • Exports Office file data
  • Transfers data via web services


  • Accelerates automation
  • Saves manual entry
  • Lowers errors
  • Recognizes data instantly


  • Low efficacy for some AI functions

7. Import io

Import.io, the best data extraction software for Mac, provides capabilities to extract data from websites, social media, documents, and more without coding required, making data collection simple.


  • Email parsing
  • Website scraping
  • Social media data extraction
  • Documents and file data parsing


  • Precise extraction
  • Targeted website scraping
  • Easy to use
  • No coding needed


  • Confusing workflow UI

8. Hevo Data

Hevo offers easy large-scale data extraction from websites and 50+ file types, with an intuitive interface allowing those without coding skills to effectively capture website content.


  • Scrapes web pages and audio
  • 50+ formats supported
  • Simple UI
  • Manages pipelines


  • Automatic data detection
  • Easy third-party integrations


  • Costly for more data sources

9. Docparser

Docparser provides complete document management with parsing, OCR, QR codes, barcode recognition, and text/image extraction for centralizing unstructured data.


  • OCR and barcode scanning
  • Custom parsing
  • Multi-lingual
  • Cloud sharing


  • Handles images efficiently
  • Broad integration capabilities
  • Leverages enterprise storage


  • Steep learning curve

10. Octoparse

Octoparse is an intuitive web scraping tool to gather data from simple and complex sites, helping users conduct competitor research and market analysis.


  • Dynamic website scraping
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Cloud-based


  • Handles dynamic sites
  • Intuitive platform
  • Automation capabilities


  • Moderate learning curve


Part 3: How to Use the Best PDF Data Extraction Tool?

Tenorshare AI PDF is considered one of the best free data extraction software available. With Tenorshare, leveraging AI eliminates the need to read through entire PDFs to pull the data needed.

With its AI-powered features, Tenorshare simplifies extracting the information you require from PDF documents in a fraction of the time it takes to manually process it. It is an immense help for those regularly handling a high volume of lengthy PDFs.


  • Upload your PDF file on Tenorshare AI PDF Tool.

    go to official website
  • Log into your account (or sign up if you are a new user).

    enter user name and password
  • Start a chat and ask questions about the PDF.

    ask questions with pdf summarizer ai online

Here is an overview of key steps to utilize its core functions:

FAQs about Best Data Extraction Software and Tools

Q1: Why do you need data extraction tools?

Data extraction tools are essential for automating the collection of key information from documents, websites, and databases for further analysis. Doing this manually is hugely time-consuming, error-prone, and simply does not scale.

These tools help you quickly gather relevant data without tedious copying/pasting, ensure higher accuracy versus manual processes, handle large volumes of data not feasible manually, save massive amounts of time and employee costs, and export data directly into analytics programs and business software.

Q2: What software extracts data from PDF?

Top ai-data extraction software options for extracting data from PDF documents include Tenorshare AI-PDF Tool, which leverages AI technology for intelligent data extraction from PDFs.

Key features include automated summarization to generate concise overviews of lengthy documents and an intelligent QA system allowing users to simply ask questions to receive accurate answers from a document's contents quickly.

It provides a revolutionary approach to simplifying and speeding up the PDF data extraction process.

Q3: Which tool can automatically extract data and perform documentation?

Docsumo is an excellent automated data extraction and document processing tool suitable for complex business documents like financial statements or healthcare records.

Key features include AI-powered data extraction from PDFs, Word docs, images, etc., with high accuracy; Document ingestion from email, cloud drives, FTP sites, and more; Automated classification and data entry into databases;

Customizable workflows for organization-specific needs; Ensure compliance using document trail tracking; and API integrations with business software.

Final Words

Extracting actionable data from documents, websites, and databases is a crucial capability for businesses today. However, tackling this manually is hugely inefficient and expensive and does not allow organizations to tap into the insights at scale needed to remain competitive.

This is where automated data extraction tools become indispensable. As this guide has highlighted, a diverse range of scrapers and intelligent document processing platforms now exist to suit various needs and budgets.

Leading solutions like Tenorshare AI, Nanonets, Octoparse, and Infrrrd allow virtually anyone with little technical expertise to set up data harvesting workflows, freeing up employees for more impactful tasks.