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How To Use Chatgpt To Generate Powerpoint For Free Easily?

Author: Andy Samue | 2024-04-01

ChatGPT, since its foundation, has earned quite a reputation in written content generation, composing music, and performing other incredible tasks. With Generative AI (also known as Genai) algorithms, ChatGPT gives you unique and valuable information on any subject.

But have you ever wondered if you can use ChatGPT as an AI PowerPoint maker? Can ChatGPT generate PowerPoint slides?

We’ll learn about the ChatGPT PowerPoint generator and explore its features in this article. Stay tuned!

Method 1: Use ChatGPT to Generate PowerPoint’s Outline and Content [Manual]

You can ask ChatGPT to compose the outline and content for your presentation slides. You only need to provide the ChatGPT with the topic of your presentation and the key points you want to cover, and it will do the rest automatically.

Remember to give the proper prompt to the ChatGPT PowerPoint generator to avoid any inconvenience. We recommend using the command as follows:

dot You are a subject-matter expert in [topic]. Generate an outline for a PowerPoint presentation covering the [key points]. It should be covered in [number of slides] slides.

Here is an example for your reference:

chatgpt powerpoint generator and ask to generate outline

Once the ChatGPT generates the outline, you will get a framework for your presentation. You can now fill in the desired points in your PowerPoint slides.

Moreover, you can further ask ChatGPT to expand on the topics to be covered on each slide by giving more concise prompts such as:

dot Elaborate on each of the subtopics covered in the PowerPoint presentation outline you composed earlier. Add examples and other information that might help the audience understand the topic better.

give more specific command

Furthermore, you can also format the outline as per your preference by prompting the ChatGPT as follows:

dot Make a numbered list wherever possible

Chatgpt powerpoint generator free

Once you have the initial draft for your PowerPoint Presentation, it’s time to devise your slides. To do so, copy the structure from ChatGPT and follow the steps below:

  • Open MS Word.

  • Create a blank document and paste the slides’ outline.

  • Format the slides.

  • Go to the File menu and switch to the Export tab.

  • Choose the Export to PowerPoint option.

    open in ms word

Once the above steps are completed, you can open and edit the presentation on PowerPoint.


  • If you lose content, you always have a backup of your slides in MS Word.


  • Too many steps to create a simple presentation.
  • You have to generate two separate files for a single PowerPoint.

Method 2: Use ChatGPT VBA to Create PowerPoint [Automatic]

You can automatically transform the slides generated by ChatGPT into a PowerPoint presentation using the ChatGPT PowerPoing generator free. This approach yields the VBA code you can embed in PowerPoint, automatically transforming the content into individual slides.


VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a computer programming language powered by Microsoft that automates repetitive data processing functions.

This saves you a lot of time and energy that you might waste in generating the presentation manually by copying and pasting the slide content from ChatGPT to MS Word and then from MS Word to PowerPoint.

Here is the prompt that you can use to make ChatGPT generate VBA codes:

dot Generate the VBA code for a PowerPoint presentation on the [topic name]. It should contain [number_of_slides] slides.

generate the vba code

Once you get the VBA code, you can follow the following steps to turn it into a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Copy the VBA code generated by ChatGPT.

  • Launch PowerPoint, switch to the View tab and click Macros.

    switch to view tab
  • Paste the code and click the Play button.

    Best ai presentation maker

Your slides will be ready as soon as you hit the Play button. Now, you can apply the colors and formatting to your slides.


  • Auto-content generation.
  • No need to create an MS Word file first.


  • A bit tricky
  • A single change in ChatGPT-generated VBA code may result in errors.

Method 3: Use ChatGPT AIPRM Plugin to Make PowerPoint Free [Easier]

AIPRM is a browser extension that you can install in any modern browser. This extension works with ChatGPT to generate high-quality content tailored to your needs. You can use this plugin to formulate the PowerPoint slides for free using the best AI presentation maker, i.e., ChatGPT, as follows:

  • Open the browser and search for AIPRM – ChatGPT prompts.

  • Download and install the AIPRM extension to your browser.

    download and install the tool
  • Log in to your ChatGPT account and locate the Search bar.

  • Type in PPT and hit Enter.

    type ppt and enter
  • Choose and click on the desired prompt. It will appear in the Chat bar.

    use the ai presentation maker free
  • Add your topic and hit Enter.

ChatGPT will start composing the PPT.


  • Fully-automated process.
  • Automatic prompt generation.
  • More filtered and quality content.


  • Extension may not work in older browsers.
  • You may face issues with the extension.

How do you polish the slides after creating the initial draft with ChatGPT?

Sure, AI can whip up a stack of slides in seconds, but does it always spark that "wow" factor? Often, the initial draft feels like it lacks... that extra something. The human touch of creativity, the visual punch, the storytelling magic.

1. Accuracy and Bias: ChatGPT can sometimes generate factually incorrect or biased content, especially in niche areas.

2. Context Blindness: ChatGPT struggles to understand the specific context of your presentation (audience, purpose, tone). Solution: Provide detailed prompts and context instructions to guide its output.

3. Overly Formal: ChatGPT's text can be overly formal and technical, lacking a conversational tone.

4. Repetitive Phrases: ChatGPT may repeat the same ideas or phrases across slides.

5. Visual Blandness: ChatGPT doesn't generate visuals, creating a text-heavy and visually underwhelming presentation.

But fear not! Just because ChatGPT needs a little guidance doesn't mean your presentation is doomed. In fact, this is where you, the genius human, step in and transform those rough cuts into dazzling diamonds.

  • Storytelling: Weave a narrative through your slides, connecting with your audience emotionally. ChatGPT helps with content, but you add the human touch of storytelling.

  • Personalization: Adapt the content to your specific audience and presentation goals. Don't stick to the generic suggestions ChatGPT provides.

  • Design Flair: Use PowerPoint's formatting options and design features to create visually appealing slides. Choose contrasting colors, fonts, and layouts to keep your audience engaged.

  • Conciseness: Edit ruthlessly! Remove unnecessary text, duplicate information, and overly technical jargon. Aim for clear and concise slides that focus on key takeaways.

Bonus Tips: How to Upload PDF to ChatGPT?

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1.Can ChatGPT generate reliable PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, ChatGPT generates unique and quality content for your presentations, but occasionally, there could be some errors.

2. Is the ChatGPT-generated content plagiarism-free?

Although most of the content that ChatGPT generates is plagiarism-free, it is recommended to double-check and rephrase the sentences to avoid any conflicts.

Final Words

Drafting a PowerPoint presentation is not tedious; anyone can do it within 2 to 3 hours. But, in the presence of ChatGPT, do you need to waste your time collecting all the information from the Internet and composing the slides?

The answer is No!

So, can ChatGPT generate PowerPoint slides?

Yes! This is what we discussed in this article. We learned different ways to create PPT using ChatGPT. Also, we discussed the best tool to upload a PDF to ChatGPT, i.e., Tenorshare AI - PDF Tool.